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Adjust or replace the back up light switch, located somewhere next to the shift lever.

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Why are the brake lights not working in a 1998 Plymouth voyager?

try the brake switch on the back of the brake pedal

Will a bad brake switch cause the battery to go dead on a 1995 Plymouth voyager?

It could, if the lights are on all the time.

Why would turn signal lights not work on 2000 Plymouth voyager?

The Turn Signal Switch is bad in the column and needs to be replaced.

How come signal lights on 96 Plymouth voyager does not work?

if the fuse is good then check the relay/flasher then the switch on the side of the colum

What could be causing the dash lights to flicker dim and die in a 96 Plymouth Voyager when exterior and other interior lights still work?

loose connection to the dimmer switch. Check the dimmer switch by dialing off low - hi and back a few times while you have the parking lights on. Also check for a lose fuse.

Where is the inertia switch on a 1994 Plymouth Voyager?

Under your head light button u have park lights and under that is your hazerd lights and under that is a lever that gose sideways that is what u r looking for

What would cause for no brake lights but tail lights work on 1997 Plymouth grand voyager?

Bad bulbs they are double filament or Bad stop light fuse or bad stop light switch

1996 Plymouth Voyager SE the hazard lights work but the turn signals don't what could be the problem?

It is the turn switch in the colomn. Replace the switch and the prob will be solved.

What does a bell sound and flashing interior lights mean on a 1996 Plymouth Voyager?

See this link: It has something to do with a HVAC system check and reset.

Plymouth voyager brake lights stay on even when van is off what could be causing this?

check for a bad or misadjusted stop light switch at the upper end of the brake pedal under dash area

How do you fix brake lights on a 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager when the bulbs and fuses are good?

Replace the switch under the dash. First remove the cover, then find the switch mounted neer the brake pedel.Remove the wiring plug then disconect from the bracket.

How do you fix the reverse lights on a 1996 Plymouth Vorager when all other lights work but when you shift it in reverse you get no reverse lights?

Check your fuses

Head Lights go out while driving buick car?

Probably needs a new light switch. If you jiggle the switch do they flicker?

Examples of series connection?

christmas lights

Diagram of Chrysler grand voyager fuse box and what fuses are for?

Please, where is fuse box for rear brake´s lights in Chrysler Gran Voyager MY 2003 ? Thanks

How do you replace the turn signal flasher on a 1996 Plymouth Voyager?

the turn signal flasher is a part of the hazard lights as well. It is under the steering wheel and is the largest flasher in the cluster. You do not need to remove any other parts, plates etc to get to this it sticks out about three inches.

Why do your turn singnal lights blink fast when you turn on your head lights?

You have a weak ground connection.

What indicates an active connection on a NIC?

LED lights

How do you turn off the parking lights on a 1998 Plymouth Breez?

Turn your head lights off before you shut the car off

Both turn signals are dead and hazard lights on your 1997 Grand voyager?

If the lights come on but do not flash, replace the flasher relay. If they will not come on check the fuses.

How do you adjust headlights on ac 1999 Plymouth voyager?

First, make sure van is parked on a completely level surface. Open the hood. You'll see above each headlight an opening in the metal which allows you to see the leveling bubbles. You turn the adjustment screws until the bubbles show the lights are level. There is also a gauge that helps you adjust the lights left and right.

Why won't the reverse lights on a 1988 Plymouth Horizon work when all other lights work?

check your back up light switch

Why does your lights flash with your indicaters?

this is caused by a bad earth connection

What can I check on my Chevy Silverado to see why my brake lights aren't working?

the connection between the battery and the brake lights

How do you replace the ignition key cylinder on a 2000 Plymouth voyager?

There are 2 lights. One is a check engine light which means the emmisions system needs service and there is a problem with the OBD system. Another light is a service light which just means you need to change the oil. Your owners manual will tell you which is which.