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The speedo hole is where you do it. Read the manual! Remove the 10mm bolt holding the speedo sending unit in the trans and there is a nice big hole for you to fill the trans.

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What gearbox oil should you use for a 2000 Ford Festiva WF?

I think the Festiva manual transmission uses ATF The auto parts store or the owners manual will tell you

Can i fill the gearbox through the shifter?

Nope. Get a chilton manual for your rig, it makes life simple.

When you convert a Nissan skyline r32 4 door from an auto gearbox to a manual gearbox which crossmember do you use?

you use the Manual Xmember ;)

What do you call a manual gearbox?

A manual transmission... Not sure what you are looking for here.

How do you change a gearbox on a 2002 Chevrolet Malibu?

there is no gearbox. get a haynes manual. rack or pump.

How do you check manual gearbox oil in a Mazda 121?

how to change the mazda 121 gearbox

First manual gearbox invented?

Panhard et Lavassor and Emile Levassor in 1894 invented the gearbox in 1895. By 1904, the gearbox was commonly used in cars as manual transmission became favored.

Need to check gearbox oil in 1995 Excel where is it located please?

for it manual or automatic,,,,big difference......on a manual,,,you have to get under the car to to the gearbox,,,,,then find the gearbox plug bolt,,,then fill the gearbox to that level....automatic is very different

Where do you fill up the gearbox oil in a 1990 barina?

you fill up the manual gearbox on the top through the beather nut , it has a white plastic cap on the top and use the correct oil

What is the transmission fluid capacity for a 1989 Ford Festiva?

The transmission fluid capacity on a Ford Festiva is 3.75 litres for a manual transmission.

What is the motor Oil capacity 89 Ford Festiva?

My 1989 festiva owner manual states: 3.9 quarts with a filter change.

What is the difference between auto and manual GEARBOXES?

Automatic and Manual gearboxes are essentially the same, except that the driver does the shifting for a manual gearbox(my personal preference), and a computer shifts for an automatic gearbox.

Where is the gearbox top up level plug on a Saab 9.3 tid 2007 model manual gearbox?

The gearbox top up level on a Saab 9.3 2007 model for a manual gearbox is located underneath the engine inspection cover. It is essential that the car is level when adding oil to the gearbox.

How do you remove a manual gearbox on a Renault clio?

Please guide me on were i can check the gearbox oil level on my 2001 manual 16v Renault 1.4 clio?

What manual transmission fits a vq35de?

nissan fairlady z33 manual gearbox.

Where do fill the gearbox in a 97 Ford Festiva manual?

Find where the speedo goes into the gearbox, unscrew it and slide it out. Get a 10mm spanner/socket and undo the locking bolt immediately next to it, rotate the plate that the bolt was holding down and gently tap out the whole speedo drive. You will now be left with a hole you can drive a bus through. You may need to tap it out from underneath the car. Remember to always chock and block once you have jacked the car.

Can you upgrade the four speed manual transmission with a five speed manual transmission on a 1989 festiva?

Yes, it will fit fine.

How much oil does the a manual gear box on x type on jaguar?

5 speed Manual Gearbox MT75 & 6 speed Manual Gearbox MMT6 Jaguar specs. call for WSD-M2C200-C This equates to a Full Synthetic Gear Oil GL-4, 75W90 Approx. gearbox capacity 1.75Lit.

Can you change a 1986 Toyota Celica sx auto to manual?

Yes you can just need to get a manual gearbox

Can you use a manual turbo in a automatic?

a turbocharger works on the engine only, it does not matter if the gearbox is manual or automatic

Does a vw sharan have a gearbox top up plug?

Depends on gearbox ( auto or manual ). Front of gearbox a little way up near to bellhousing. Requires hex key.

Can you convert a discovery td5 auto to a manual gearbox?

a Discovery td5 can be converted to a manual gearbox. The vehicle will have to be outfitted with a clutch pedal system, different flywheel, and master cylinder system as well.

What type 2002 jaguar x type manual transmission fluid type?

5 speed Manual Gearbox MT75 & 6 speed Manual Gearbox MMT6 Jaguar specs. call for WSD-M2C200-C This equates to a Full Synthetic Gear Oil GL-4, 75W90 Approx. gearbox capacity 1.75Lit.

Will a Festiva manual transmission work for an Aspire?

Yes, although the gear ratios are slightly different.

How do you top up frontera 96 manual gearbox?

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