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Where does global warming occur most?

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everywhere on earth.

Another AnswerFirst, global warming does not occur everywhere on Earth. Some areas are cooling. Second, even among those areas where it is warming, some are warming more than others.

According to global warming models, global warming should be occurring in the troposphere more than at the surface of the Earth. However, in real life, the oppposite is true.

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What season does global warming occur?

Global warming occurs in every season.

Where are heat waves most likely to occur on earth?

global warming

Where did global warming majorly occur?

Global warming is happening everywhere on the Earth equally

What change is most likely to occur when a rain forest habitat is destroyed?

Global warming is increased

What part of the atmosphere does global warming occur in?


What layer of the atmosphere does global warming occur in?


What are the most problems in earth science?

global warming, pollution. GLOBAL WARMING.

Is the Icelandic volcano erupting because of global warming?

No, volcanoes would have nothing to do with global warming in any measurable way. Volcanoes occur for reasons outside of the issues involved with global warming.

Is the global warming starting now?

Global warming continues to occur, as evidenced by the fact our polar ice caps are melting, and of course by global temperature records.

Occur when the Earth comes out of an ice age?

Global warming

What harm will occur from a water leak in a muffler?

Global warming.

Does the world worry about global warming?

Yes, most of the world is concerned about global warming.

Which greenhouse gas contributes the most to global warming?

carbon dioxide gas contributes the most to global warming

Why are kids being taught that global warming is a fact in school when it is an unproven theory at best?

There are two views on whether global warming is real: the view of the overwhelming majority of climate scientists and the views of non-scientists. Most children are being taught the scientific view of global warming, which is that global warming is really happening. After all, by the time many of them are adults, they will have to cope with some of the problems expected to occur as a result of global warming.

Is global warming the most important thing in science?

Global warming is the most serious problem facing us at the moment.

What will happen to the ozone layer if global warming continues?

If the global warming continues, the ozone depletion will occur. It is due to the direct connection between both.

If global warming did occur what would happen?

Global warming IS happening. Many things are happening because of it, including the melting of the polar ice caps.

How can Antarctica be preserved?

No, because global Warming may occur due to it

When and where does global warming occur?

All over the planet, all of the time.

What is global warming warming?

The warming caused by Global Warming.

How is biome affected?

global warming affects biomes,tundra is the most affected biome there is by global warming.

Which environmental changes occur faster global warming or oil spills?

Oil Spills . Global Warming Would Take Longer Than a Oil Spill

What are misconceptions about global warming?

Global warming is not important.Global warming isn't happening.Global warming is happening but it's not our fault.Global warming is happening but we can't do anything about it.Scientists are not sure about global warming.

Witch country has the most Goble warming?

The countries that depends mainly on industrialization for their economy are the main contributors for global warming. From a research, United States has the most global warming.

What do humans destroy with global warming?

Themselves. If global warming continues unabated most of the human race will die.