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If you mean what battery post the cable hooks up to, it's to the post marked with a negative (-) sign; if you mean where the cable hooks up to from the battery post, it's to the metal frame and usually held in place with a bolt.

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How do you reset the computer on a Nissan pickup 96 model?

remove the negative battery cable for about 30 minutes

How do you remove the positive battery cable from the firewall of a 2002 Mercedes ml320?

First you need to disconnect the negative cable to prevent a fire or heavy shock. Next, if memory serves me on that particular model the battery is in the trunk or under the rear seat and the cable depending on location of the battery is either one long cable going directly to the battery or on some if you remove the nameplate on the floor door jambs they have a junction block on the passenger side, either way it's a tough little job.

How do you replace a battery on a Dodge Dakota?

The method may differ slightly from model year to model year, but it should be a fairly simple job. First off, you need to disconnect the negative (-/black) cable, then the positive (+/red) cable from the battery terminals and move them out of the way. Then, if there is a retainer bracket in place to hold the battery down, remove it. Now you should be able to lift the battery out. To install a battery, use the reverse process.Note: for your safety: you should use gloves and eye protection. The cables should be (dis)connected in the order specified (disconnect negative first, reconnect negative last). You should also be careful not to let anything connect between the two battery terminals.

Will the battery charge in nokia 6303 via usb cable to computer?

According to Wikipedia the 6303 base model will not charge via the usb cable, however the later model 6303i will charge via the usb cable.

Need to download manal for cub cadet model nu13bx11cg709?

You can go to the official website and download the manual for the Cub Cadet model that you have.

How can you determine positive and negative to hook up car battery?

Answer 1 - Automotive Battery Terminal Polarity DeterminationDepending on the brand and model of battery, there could be one or more ways to determine polarity of the terminals. Some batteries may have only one identifier method, while another battery may have a different identification method, and some batteries may 2 or more symbols embossed into/onto the battery top next to each of the terminals. Here are the battery terminal identifiers I have seen over many years:A plus symbol [+] embossed into the battery top next to the positive terminal,A negative symbol [-] embossed into the battery top next to the negative terminal,An abbreviation [POS] for the word positive embossed into the battery top next to the positive terminal,An abbreviation [NEG] for the word negative embossed into the battery top next to the negative terminal.And on some batteries, although they MAY look the same, the diameter of the positive and negative terminals will be different, with the positive terminal being just barely / slightly larger in diameter than the negative terminal.A DC voltmeter can be used to determine terminal polarity.Answer 2 - Battery Cable Polarity DeterminationOn some cars a red cable denotes positive or the terminal has + or pos stamped into it. If you are presented with two cables of the same colour, the one connected directly to the car body is usually the negative cable, and the cable that goes to the fuses is the positive. BEWARE vehicles manufactured before 1970 may have reversed polarity, with the positive cable going to the body and the negative going to the fuses.

Where is the starter motor?

Year, make, model and engine size would help but if you follow the positive battery cable from the battery to the other end of it, it will be connected to the starter.

Where is the starter located on a 2.7l?

It depends on the make and model. If you follow the positive battery cable you should find the starter.

How do you reset the service engine soon light on a BMW?

disconnect the negative battery cable, wait a couple hours, then reconnect. If you are trying to reset the inspection service light you will need to take it to someone or get on a board for model specific info.

How do you find out how old your cub cadet lawnmower is?

model #

What model tractor does a 541 cub cadet snowblower fit?

It fits Case Cub Cadet made by IH

Main fuse location on cub cadet mower model?

After opening hood, looking back toward your steering wheel it should be located on the left just under the battery

How do you hook up a battery to a 1922 Model T Ford car?

That year I believe the model T was positive ground but better check. See which cable has the biggest hole and that one goes to + side of battery. Hope this helps.

What does a starter look like on a 93 Chevy pick up truck?

I don't know what model or engine you have but if you follow the positive battery cable from the battery, it will lead you right to the starter.

How do you charge a 12 volt car motorcycle or boat battery with a battery charger?

red wire or clamp to positive (+) post of batteryblack wire or clamp to negative (-) post of batteryset charger to 12 volts (if more than one setting available)plug charger into wall socketlet charge for 12 hoursThere is a danger of exploding the hydrogen and oxygen gases that are given off from a fully charged battery, so remember Don't Smoke whilst doing the above!Also, it not safe or in any way good practice just to put both of the charger cables directly onto the battery terminals.This is the safe way to do it: first clip the +ve cable onto the +ve battery terminal. Then clip the -ve cable to a good "Ground" point somewhere on the vehicle's bodywork, at least a yard or a metre away from the battery.When you want to remove the cable, do this: first unclip the -ve cable from the "Ground" point; only then unclip the +ve cable from the +ve battery terminal.Doing it all that way helps to avoid sparks over the battery's air vents when you attach or detach the +ve cable from the battery.Always remember: NO SMOKING!Always for safety sake!!!!! Wear safety googles and cover exposed skin before putting any battery on a charger, with that being said be sure to put the positive(red or larger terminal) on first, then clip on the negative(black or smaller terminal) last, also to avoid sparks and possible explosion of the battery acid in your face etc. be sure the battery charger is not powered up before you hook it to the battery, in other words keep the charger unplugged before you clip up to the battery in question being charged.Also: Try to be charging in a well ventilated area to help avoid the possibility of explosive fumes meeting up with unexpected sparks Work smart, work safely!!!More detailsEach type of battery charger is different, they are not all the same. Each unit should come with a set of instructions specific to that model and also some important safety precautions.First check fluid level in battery. Then with charger turned off, connect positive cable, (the red one) to the positive side of the battery. Then connect negative charger cable (the black one) to the negative, (ground) side of the battery. then select how many amps on charger u want to charge at. the lower the charging amps, the slower the battery will charge,but the slower the better, if you have the time. for eg charge at 2 amps and leave all night while charging, remove caps from battery, also you do not need to remove battery from car, but make sure ignition is off and key removed, when battery is charged remove cables black one first then red one.Read the instructions that came with the battery charger to make sure you know how your specific battery charger works.Connect the battery charger to the battery. If the battery is connected to the car, attach the positive (usually red) charging cable to the positive post (usually marked with a plus sign). Then attach the negative (usually black) charging cable to theengine block. Do not connect the negative cable to the negative post while the battery is in the car. If the battery is not connected to the car, attach the positive charging cable to the positive post. Then attach the negative charging cable to the negative post, usually marked with a minus sign.Volt/Amp Selector on control panelTurn the "Volt/Amp Selector" to the appropriate type of battery and amps, and make sure that the correct "Volt" switch is selected for the size of battery.Plug the battery charger into an appropriate outlet. If the cord has a ground, plug it into a grounded outlet. Do not alter the cord in any way.Use the ammeter to measure battery-charging rate.Turn the "Charge Time" to set how long you want to charge the battery. Use the ammeter to measure battery-charging rate. Use the battery test monitor to see if the battery is in working condition.Turn the battery charger off. Unplug the battery charger from the outlet. Turn the "Selector" and the "Charge Time" to "Off."Remove the negative battery charging cable first, then remove the positive charging cable.

What model two stage snow blower fits on a 1872 cub cadet?

model 450.

How do you change the battery cables on a 2001 Mercury Cougar?

Check or something like that. Ford issued a recall for the Battery Cable. I believe your model year fits the parameters. Good luck

What model snow blower fits a 1641 cub cadet?

Model 541 45inch 2 stage.

How do you reset the computer in a magna 98 model?

The easiest way to reset the computer in your 1998 automobile is to remove the positive cable from the battery. Keep the cable off for 30 seconds and return it to its original position.

Will a cub cadet model 451 snowblower fit a cub cadet 1450 tracton?

No was made for a much later series 1994 era

What year is a Cub Cadet 1106 Model?


How do you disconnect my battery so it resets check engine light?

Disconnect the negative battery cable for 10 minutes. On a lot of late model vehicles, made in the last 10 years, that will no longer work. You will need access to a scan tool to reset the check engine light. Also, if the cause of the light has not been repaired, the light will come back on.

Can you clear the codes on your Chevy truck by taking the battery cable of?

You can if it's not newer then a 1998 model. If it's newer then a 98 then you will need a engine scanner to do that.

Where is the starter located on your 2001?

If you follow the positive battery cable, you should find it. Otherwise ask a new question and include the year, make, and model.

Where is the starter located on 2004 Pontiac sunfire?

I can't tell you precisely on your model, but if you follow the positive (red) battery cable down from the battery, it should connect to one end of the starter. Hope that helps a little.