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Where does tea grow?

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Tea grows in tropical and subtropical areas. In the warmest regions of the world, such as Taiwan, it can be grown at a rather high altitude, whereas in colder climates, such as the east coast of the U.S., it can only be grown at low altitudes in sheltered areas, such as coastal South Carolina.

Tea is mostly grown in countries in South and Southeast Asia including China, India, Japan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and the like, and also in Africa, such as Kenya, Malawi, and Tanzania, and in South America in Argentina and nearby countries. It is grown in Turkey and Iran (the humid, mild, coastal areas) as well. Georgia (the country) also grows tea in its mildest, coastal areas.

Tea likes humidity; it can handle some cold, such as a light frost, but can also be grown in purely tropical areas. It doesn't have much in the way of soil requirements--it can even grow in areas with very poor soil, even on barren rocks and cliffs.

Only small amounts are grown in the US.

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Does tea make your hair grow?

no i do not think that tea make your hair grow

Does green tea help plants grow?

yes because the tea was made by a tea plant and it carries the nutreins to help the plant grow.

Do they grow tea in china?

Yes, chinese tea is available.

Will a seed grow faster in water or in tea?

Water tea has water in it

Do they grow tea in Azerbaijan?

Yes, there are many tea plantainions in Azerbaijan.

Does Tea make plants grow?


Does tea make grass grow?


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What would make plants grow the fastest water tea or coffee?

water,cause coffe or tea would not have the nutrients It needs to grow

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Why do potatoes grow in Britain?

They like tea

Will bean seeds grow using sugar water?

Sugar does help bean seeds grow. Iced tea helps bean seeds grow.What nutrients are found in iced tea that will allow bean seeds to grow?

Can tea mold?

My empty tea cups grow mold within a couple after days. Is this normal?

What would make a plant grow better - tap water or tea?

Definitley tap water. The chemicals in it make i grow better than tea does =)

Do tea cup yorkie's grow?

Yes they do grow but not that much. If you see pictures of them, they are usually in a tea cup so that's how they got their name and because of their size.

What kinds of crops grow in Asia?

Rice and tea

What plants grow in Kenya?

Tea and coffee plant

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Why can't you grow tea in Singapore?

tbecause it is not in the sand

Will bean seeds grow in iced tea?

yes it does

Where can you grow tea?

well you could actually make tea with boiling water and fresh mint leaves.

What do they grow in Chembakolli grow?

Yes they do they grow tea leaves and coffe in the field and also cotton in the fields in chembakolli

Is ceylon tea green tea?

Ceylon tea is simply tea grown in Sri Lanka, a country that was formerly known as Ceylon. The most famous Ceylon teas are black, but they grow green tea as well.

What countries grow tea?

The type of climate best suited to grow tea is hot and moist. As a result most tea is grown in Asia, Africa, around the Caspian sea and South America. Top countries in tea production include Kenya, Sri Lanka, India and China.

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