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Um, I think the steering is referring to the steering WHEEL? If so, the wire is likely to the horn. Does the horn work? What about the speed control? If I've missed the mark entirely, Then I suggest that where ever the wire is, there's probably something not working because of it's not being where it should be. Try to make everything in the car work. If your car is like most peoples' then at least one thing doesn't work and never has, and ain't about to start. If your vehicle falls into this category, then you're left with determining if the wire is a hot wire or a ground. If it's a hot wire, then it's supposed to be going somewhere specific and you should use the length of the wire, it's position in relation to other connectors (if present), and even any bends or twists in the wire which might serve to indicate that it has spent a long time in one set position, to determine where it might go. You mentioned a clip--this might be so the wire can move a little once attached where it should go. If it's a ground wire, simply strip it (if it's shielded--if it's not shielded then it's definitely a ground wire), and loop it around the nearest structural member or fastener. A way to tell if it's a hot wire is to try and trace it back to it's source. It very likely is a hot wire, as most grounding functions outside of the dashboard components are served through structural grounding to the body or frame through the device's own attachment points. Another way to find out if it's hot--but will only work if the whole circuit is closed--is to use a multi-meter. Be aware that if a fuse is out, the car needs to be on, needs to be in (or out) of gear, the wire is broken inside the insulation, the computer is malfunctioning, the controlled component is bad or any of a hundred other things, this may not work. Could it be a ground strap? See if there is a metal seam nearby (for body panels, etc) where the clip could reach... Cheers!

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