Where does watermelon grow?

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Watermelons are thought to be indigious to Africa where they have been found growing wild. In the 1600s there were watermelon growers in Massachusetts and Florida. Watermelons can be grown almost anywhere but do best in humid areas. I have a freind in Montrael who grows watermelons. He uses black plastic on the ground to amplify the suns heat. Watermelons use a huge amount of water and will grow up to a pound a day given the right conditions.
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How do you grow a watermelon?

step 1 : Find a place were it gets full sun, and it doesn't get chilly winds specially during spring and fall step 2 : Dig a hole in the ground.It has to be about the same size as the watermelons that you normally buy at the store. The acid has to be maximum 5.5. step 3: When is 65 degrees you can ( Full Answer )

Do watermelons grow on trees?

Answer . No they do not grow on trees. Watermelons grow on vines on the ground, much like pumpkins do....

Will watermelon seeds grow without soil?

Answer . Hydroponics is an interesting subject for investigation. Use the link and read about a way to grow things without soil. There is some criticality to sprouting the seed using this method, and seeds are sometimes sprouted in a special mix to get them started before transferring them to the ( Full Answer )

How long does it take to grow a watermelon?

It takes about 120 days until a watermelon is ready to harvest. Depending on where you are located, though, this may take a different amount of time. The smaller varieties may have a higher maturity rate, with some going from seedling to fruit-bearing in only 90 days.

What type of soil is best for growing watermelons?

They grow well in sandy loose soil. Not necessarily a rich soild but a loose soil. More important than the soil is the climate. Long growing season, hot and in the summer pretty dry, but watermelon raisers irrigate the fruits to keep them growing. Texas and Oklahoma are the two biggest raisers of wa ( Full Answer )

How does a watermelon grow?

Watermelon plants need full sun to grow healthy vines and big fruit. Plant after the last frost date for your area.Watermelons are heavy feeders. Add generous amounts of manure, compost and leaves to your garden. Work the soil well. Make sure it drains well.. Fertilize regularly. Use a high nitroge ( Full Answer )

How do you grow watermelons?

you can start growing watermelons. first, you add peat moss,2 you put the seeds in a pot, then 3, put the pot with the seeds and the peat moss in a light area. watermelons need a lot of sun light. also make sure the pot is warm. watermelons love staying on warm place not on cold! if its too chilly o ( Full Answer )

Does watermelon grow in the US?

Yes, watermelon grows in the US. Because of it's extended growing season, it grows best in the warm climate states. Florida, the other southern states, and California are all producers of watermelon.. Those places where higher rainfall and long hot days are ideal for watermelon production.

Can you grow watermelons in container?

Yes, you can grow watermelons from a pot. The trouble with this process is that the watermelon plant grows like a vine. So, make sure your pot is low to the gorund so that the watermelon plant can grow around the pot and onto the ground. You have to be careful not to place the pot near other plants ( Full Answer )

How do you grow square watermelons?

first you need to make a square box that can open and close I prefer it be made of wood but the box can be no bigger than 1 foot when u start to grow watermelons take a growing melon and place it in the wooden box over time the melon will take shape of the box and become square DO NOT USE PREMADE KI ( Full Answer )

What are the requirements for growing watermelons in Alabama?

Alabama's climate makes it a great place for growing watermelons.Watermelons, as well as other types of melons, can be grown fromJune through September. Wait until there is no danger of frost andthe soil reaches 70 degrees Fahrenheit before planting watermelonseeds. Fertilize the soil before plantin ( Full Answer )

Where do watermelons grow in the world?

Mainly in the USA. But they can grow all over the world, except the freezing places like the Arctic or Antarctic. Farmers have sprouted seeds in a wide variety of places..

How fast can a watermelon grow?

This depends completely upon the growing conditions, such as the weather, soil density, seed planting depth, and type of watermelon. Without more specific information, this question is unanswerable.

Does watermelon grow in Arizona?

Yes. [1] Watermelon's native to South Africa. It was discovered by the exploring missionary Dr David Livingstone in the Kalahari Desert. And that's where it most likely originated. [2] Therefore, it's a warm-season crop. So it needs long growing seasons. Specifically, it needs four frost-free months ( Full Answer )

What country do watermelons grow in?

Watermelons are grown all over the world. Cultivation spread from Africa to the rest of the world by the 1600s. See the related link for more interesting information.

How do watermelon grow?

Easy!! First you plant a watermelon seed to grow a very big and juicy watermelon! Water it for days. Then it will appear when you will wake up in the morning!

Where do watermelons grow best?

Watermelon is a tender, warm-season vegetable. Watermelons can be grown in all southern areas especially favor this vegetable. Gardeners in northern areas should choose early varieties and use transplants. Mulching with black plastic film also promotes earliness by warming the soil beneath the plast ( Full Answer )

Do watermelons grow underground?

Watermelons do not grow underground. There are many types ofwatermelon, and all are flowering plants, that grow on a vine,above ground.

Where do watermelon grow in California?

Watermelon grows where there is adequate water and a fertile but sandy soil and while everyone should be pleased that California has a long growing season and does provide excellent produce before and late into the growing season no one, and that is No One and I mean Absolutely No One can prod ( Full Answer )

What state does watermelon grow in?

They are grown in over 95% of states in America... but, the number 1 watermelon producer is told by the intensity likewise its California and pertencerlaly Oregon... aka; the most places watermelon is grown is in California and Oregon...

What certain things do watermelon vines need to grow into a watermelon?

I am currently growing watermelon vines in my backyard. I sowed seeds directly into the soil May 1, 2009. They are now beginning to grow watermelons (June 28, 2009). I gave them plenty of room to grown and constantly water them. This is my first batch, but so far it looks like all they need is rich ( Full Answer )

How long does watermelon take to grow?

I think like 110 days. they need vert fertile soil and mocho H2O Only one thing better than Watermelon. That would be more Watermelon

Can you grow watermelon in England?

no you cant. i know its a shame but watermelons need allot of sun up to 60 degrees everyday. you robably might get a seedling but it will not last to produce watermelons

How does the watermelon grow?

As it grows from a seed, the melon stays on the ground; it does not grow in to a tree or a bush.

Do watermelon seeds grow inside of you?

No, they cannot. They are digested before they can begin to grow. Also, they would not be able to grow inside the human body as there is no soil in the human body (soil is where plants get their nutrients/food from), and there is no pure water, only the acid which digests food.

Does watermelon help you grow?

No more or less so than any other food. We need a properly balanceddiet to grow, and to stay healthy, and fruit is one importantsource of some of the many different nutrients we need.

What time of year does watermelon grow?

In Ontario (Canada), watermelons grow between the months of May and September, and require 3 or 4 months to mature. This might differ in other climates.

Do watermelons grow on a tree or on the ground?

Watermelon, like most melons, is the fruit of the watermelon vine.So, it grows out of the ground. They grow on long, creeping vinesthat also attach themselves with small tentacle-fibers to otherplants or to debris on the soil as they grow right at ground level.

How big does a watermelon grow to?

There are hundreds of varieties of watermelon. As a result the seeds packet is the best indicator of future growth.

How does a watermelon seed grow into a watermelon?

at first, when u plant the seed, the embryo (baby plant) is still inactive. once you plant it, the embryo starts feeding off the cotyledons (food storage in the seed), and gets bigger. Soon there is nothing for the embryo to feed off of, so it starts pushing out of the seed and into the dirt. once i ( Full Answer )

Why don't watermelons grow on trees?

Watermelons are so large and heavy, they would drop from the tree before they reached maturity. They grow from ground vines, which work very well for the melons.

Can watermelons grow from manure?

The answer is YES!, watermelons and all members of the gourd family (cucumbers, squashes, zucchini, muskmelon, honeydews) will grow like crazy in manure, provided, of course, that a seed has been planted or dropped in the pile. These plants, often called cucurbits, are heavy feeders and grow extre ( Full Answer )

When do you grow watermelon seeds?

Because watermelon is sensitive to frost and requires a reasonably growing season with fairly high temperatures. Temperatures of between 70 and 80 degrees F in the day time are best, with nighttime temperatures of between 65 and 70 degrees F. Watermelons grow well in both humid and semi arid areas.

Can watermelon seeds grow without soil?

Well, yes and no ... a seed can sprout without soil, all it needs is enough moisture, but without the nutrients of the soil that sprout will die when it runs out of stored food for the seed. However if you can supply liquid nutrients in its water it will grow just fine, this is how hydroponics work ( Full Answer )

Do they grow watermelons is Saudi Arabia?

Yes, they do, abundantly. It's grown in AlKharj (about 100 kms from Riyadh), and in Hofuf (about 200 kms from Dammam) and several other oases. They are sweet, delicious, and also inexpensive.

Do watermelons grow in your tummy?

No, for two reasons: 1) Any swallowed watermelon seeds will be so altered by the hydrochloric acid in your stomach that they would be unable to sprout. 2) Even if they could sprout, that would take 5-7 days. Any watermelon seed you swallow is long gone out the "other end" by that time.

Can watermelon make your hair grow?

No, but it contains very good substances, like likopene, and it is very tasty. To grow your hair try Aloe Vera.

How do you grow a juicy watermelon?

Just take good care of the plant but i wouldn't suggest usingfertilizers or any sort of things like that, water it and when youthink its ready just knock on the watermelon and if it sounds hardits perfect, if it sounds halo then it's not perfect. hoped ihelped

When do watermelons grow in Mexico?

All year round. It is however, not cultivated all throughout Mexico, because it requires a temperate climate, and there is a specific export season, between October and June, being April and May the busiest months.