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Where in the New World were the majority of African slaves sent?

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The majority were off-loaded in the Caribbean islands to work on the sugar plantations.

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Q: Where in the New World were the majority of African slaves sent?
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The majority of African slaves were sent to?

he majority of African slaves were sent to South America and the Caribbean. Only a small portion of the slaves were sent to North America.

Where were the majority of African slaves sent to in the Americas?

Slaves went from the south, to Canada through the underground railroad.

Where were majority of the African slaves sent?

Mainly to the Caribbean and South America (Brazil and Columbia). Very few were sent to Central America and Mexico.

Where were the majority of African slaves sent to?

In the Transatlantic slave trade, slaves were sent to Brazil, the Caribbean islands, and the British colonies in North America, which later became the United States. The United States outlawed the importation of slaves in 1808.

Who was the Spanish king who sent the first African slaves to the New World?

King Charles II

Spanish king who sent the first African slaves to the new world?

King Charles II

Where were most African slaves sent?

They were sent all over the world where they were needed, but mainly they were mostly sent to the Caribbean to work in sugar plantations also to America.

Where were African slaves sent if not to Colonial America?

Many African slaves were shipped to Jamaica. Others were sent to Haiti and other Caribbean Islands. Usually, they were sent to these islands to work in the sugar cane fields. And, of course, Southern plantation owners needed slaves.

Where did most slaves come from and go to?

Approximately 20 million slaves were forced out of Africa, however only 9-12 million made it alive to be forced into the institution of slavery.The majority of the slaves were sent to Brazil, followed by the Caribbean.Contrary to popular belief, the most slaves were not sent to North America.Source:(African American Studies - 40A)Bridget R. Cooks

Who besides African slaves were sent to work in North America aganst their will?

Convicted prisoners

Who became slaves during the 15th century?

Africans. Some African leaders sold their own people into slavery as a source of income, no matter the effects on the people. a majority of them were sent to Brazil, The Caribbean Islands, and Portugal.

Who actually captured slaves in Africa?

the african king sent other tribes him self to capture his people

Is it true that each and every black person is an African?

every black person is African, people from jamacia and other carabian country think that they arnt because African sent them as slaves

Where were most slaves taken from Africa sent?

Most African slaves went to South America and the Caribbean. Less than 10% went to British North America.

How were slaves brought into the new world?

Slaves were brought to the New World when the Triangle Trade came around. Africa sent slaves to America and England in return for the imports that Africa got from them.

What percent of African slaves were sent to north America?

this is a ballpark estimation but we believe that about 500,000 were sent to north America, 5,000,000 to south America, 5,000,000 to the carribean, and 2,000,000 to Europe

What happened when African slaves were sold?

they were beaten, and their owners put salt in the torn skin to prevent disease and then sent to work in field

Why is the trans Atlantic slave trade called a triangular trade?

The British sent mass-produced goods to West African chiefs, in exchange for slaves who were sent to the West Indies, and the sugar cane they harvested was sent to Britain.

What states to return fugitive slaves to their owners?

Southern states sent men into the northern states to bring back ANY African Americans.

Who is Harriet Tubman what did she do to try to end slavery?

She was an african-american who was a slave and escaped. She wanted to free slaves. So she sent most of the slaves to Canada secretly. Because Canada was a non-slave country.

How many African Americans soldiers were in World War I?

350,000 African American soldiers were posted and sent to World War 1's battle fields.

Where did slaves that were sent to North America mainly come from?

Most slaves who were sent to North America came from Africa.

Why did the slaves escape to the north?

The African Americans escaped to the North because there was freedom up in the North. They could be possibly sent back 2 Africa their homeland

How did Athenians envision the role of slaves and women?

the women cooked and cleaned clothes and slaves were sent to training camps then sent to war

When did the African Americans join the Continental Army?

During the formation of the continental army, many free blacks enlisted. Several slave-owners sent their slaves to fight in their stead. Many slaves also joined after the US govt promised freedom to slaves who served for a year.