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its in the left side under the carpet. if there is a button sticking out push it back in.

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โˆ™ 2006-07-20 18:13:10
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Q: Where in the trunk is the auto shut off button on a 94 Ford Probe GT?
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Why does a ford probe with auto tranny and man shift go into neutral after driving a short distance than goes again after shutting it off and restart it has button on shift for man shift?

How can you have a manual shift and auto in the same car. Which one do you have? this car has a button on shifter that puts it in man shift mode it is an auto

Speedometer 90 Ford Probe?

You can find a speedometer for a 1990 Ford Probe online at places like Ebay or Amazon. You can also find this speedometer at Rock Auto on the Internet.

How much gas does a 89 ford probe hold?

According to my Chilton's Auto Repair manual : A 1989 Ford Probe gas tank holds ( 15.1 U.S. gallons )

What is the firing order on a 2.2L 1989 Ford Probe?

According to my Chilton's Auto Repair Manual : For the 2.2 liter four cylinder engine in a 1989 Ford Probe : ( 1 - 3 - 4 - 2 )

Where is the ignition module on a 1993 Ford Probe 4 cylinder?

In the dist. Takeit to Auto zone and have them check it out.

What button do you press to open the trunk of a car in grand theft auto IV?

you have to break it open or shoot it

1991 deville auto trunk wont close latch goes up and down but will not grab trunk?

put your key in the ignition turn it on , have someone push the trunk button while pulling up on the trunk catch

Where is the range sensor on a 1994 Ford Probe auto trans?

When standing in front and over the engine it is 'beside' the distributer.

What type of transmission fluid goes into a 1994 ford probe gt?

type f auto-trans fluid

Is there a manual trunk release on a 2004 Pontiac grand prix?

There is an auto trunk release on a 2004 Grand Prix. If you push the drivers side door lock button to the left and hold it, the trunk will open.

1994 ford probe manual transmission removal?

should be able to get if from auto part store keep in mind the ford probe has a Mazda 626 moter in it so look for same year Mazda should help as well

Changing tail lights on a 94 ford probe?

Go to a Auto electritian.. Or buy the cars owner manual!!! simple!!

92 deville auto trunk button not working?

You state auto trunk button inop--am I correct to assume you already know the release in the trunk is OK? If it is the release button located in the glovebox. it easily removes and has 2 wires-You'll need a 12v test light or meter. One side will show 12v ONLY WITH THE IGNITION KEY IN THE ON/RUN POSITION. If the button is pushed with key on and the other side of the switch should also read 12v. If that all checks out, its a matter of following that wire to find the open.

How do you open a 2000 jetta trunk stuck close?

There is a trunk release button in the small console between the front seats...Press this button 2-times. When you open the trunk spray the latch with Wd40 or Lithimum grease you get at the auto parts store. This should help and keep it working for a good long time.

Cant get any spark on a 1989 ford probe?

First thing I would check is the coil. Runs about $20 from an auto parts store.

Where can one find Probe cars?

One may find "Ford Probe" cars by using the services of "Auto Trader". The publication will have used vehicles vehicles for sale by the owner in both a paper and digital format.

Why does my 1993 Ford Probe GT will suddenly have the revs speed up to about 3000RPMs?

depends on the transmission. auto = bad trans. manual = bad clutch

Can a 1989 Ford Probe tranny fit 1993 Ford Probe tranny?

noAnswerno the only years that will work are 93 to 94 ford probe, 93 to 94 Mazda 626, and 93 to 94 Mazda M6 and if its a (CD4E) Transmission good luck you will need it! Answerthe tranny form a 93-95 should work i swaped my auto out to a 5 speed from a 95 and my car is a 93 works fine few extra parts left over

How hard is it to put the trans in on a Ford Probe 1993?

its hard as hell iv done two if you need help ill help. auto or stick

Is there a way to open the trunk of a 90 Cadillac Sedan deVille without the key?

While in the auto open the glove box. With the ignition switch turned on press the yellow button inside to the left of the glove box. It should release the trunk lid. If it does not the trunk release or the wiring to it may be bad.

Will a 1998 Mazda 626 transmission bolt up with a Ford Probe SE?

they used more than one type transmission but it should work if both are auto or both are manual

How do you reset a blinking airbag light for a 1994 Ford Probe?

You will have to repair the problem causing the light to flash. Many auto parts stores can read the computer for the error and will often do this for free.

Can you make a 94 probe auto trans wire harness work on a 93 ford probe trans without cutting it?

yes should work fine might be some diff in plugs that you might have to rewire but should have no proble there are few diff between the 93-94

Is a 1993 Ford Probe a girls car?

No Way! I love my 93 Probe Gt. The car rocks. If you get the GT it's pretty fast to. I work at Advance Auto Parts and three of the guys that work there including me own the same car! It's by no means a girls car.

Where is auto button on keyboard?

on the middle