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Buddhism is a religion that has its roots in Asia. Most Buddhists worship in temples built in countries su8ch as India and China.

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Where is Buddhism originally worshiped?

In India. It was originally worshiped in India!!!! That is where Buddha thought of the idea Buddhism and worshiped it in India.

When was Buddhism practiced?

Buddhism began with the Buddha in about 440 BCE and has been continuously practiced from then until now.

Where was Buddhism invented?

Buddhism was first practiced in India and created by, Siddhartha Gautama,commonly known as Buddha.

Were do they worship Buddha?

The Buddha and his teachings are revered around the world and in every country. Buddha is not however worshiped, only deities are worshipped and Buddhism has no deities.

Where the Buddhism worshiped?

Buddhists do not worship any deity or person, not even the Buddha. What we do is meditate and read and chant the teachings of the Buddha. We do that usually in a temple or in our shrine rooms in our homes.

Who are the higher beings in Buddhism?

This is a great person! Higher beings in Buddhism are often referred to as "Bodhisattvas". A Bodhisattva is an enlightened individual, who embodies the values of the Buddha. The Buddha, however, is more of a symbol of an individual that has perfected his path within Buddhism. The Buddha is not a god that is worshiped, as a Buddha is an individual that has mastered the teachings of Buddhism. In some cultures, the Buddhist teachings are influenced by political motives in a fashion no different than Christian based religions. So, the higher beings in Buddhism - are those who have mastered Buddhist practices. However, they are not "higher" in terms of worship, power, or influence. The highest being within Buddhism, is yourself. Keeping in mind - that Buddhism is not practiced to worship a god; it is a practice to master the karmic law of cause and effect.

What religion was Buddha?

Buddhist/Buddhism - Actually Buddhism is a philosophy and the first Buddha was in fact Hindu.

Why Buddhism important to the Buddha?

Buddhism is unimportant to the Buddha, the Buddha only cared about reality and ending suffering.

How are the statues of Buddha used in the worship of Buddha?

Buddha is not worshiped. That is a common misconception.

Where is Buddhism influential today?

Countries among which Buddhism is practiced includes India, Sri lanka. According to Buddhist tradition, the Buddha lived and taught in the eastern part of India.

Who is Buddhism based on?

Guatama Buddha, who is also referred to as Shakyamuni Buddha is the Buddha whose teachings inspired Buddhism.

What does the Buddha symbolise?

buddha who started buddhism.

What is some history of Buddhism?

Buddhism is a religion based on thoughts, beliefs and practices based on teaching of Buddha (actual name Siddhartha Gautama).Buddha lived and preached Buddhism sometime between 6th and 4th century BC in India. Buddhism is mainly practiced in South East Asia but its adherents are now found world over.

The land of the disappearing Buddha?

Is a documentary on Japanese Buddhism. The question of the movie is "If the Buddha of India met the Buddha of Japan, would they recognize each other?" They visit a Japanese restaurant where the owner has the workers practice Zen Buddhism and go on weekend training sessions of Zen Buddhism as a part of their job. They visit a temple where Zen Buddhism is practiced and see Zen-like activities such as archery, calligraphy, sword-fighting, and a tea ceremony.

How did the Buddha affect Buddhism?

Simply, The Buddha is the reason that Buddhism exists. He was the first documented person to reach enlightenment and to then teach others what he discovered. Without the Buddha there would be no Buddhism.

Buddhism is found in what continent?

Buddhism is found mainly in Asia, and is mainly practiced in Bhutan, China, and India. Buddha was born in India, now Nepal as a prince. And his original name was Siddhartha Gautama.

Where is Buddhism studied?

Many centuries ago Buddhism was first practiced in India,today Buddhism is studied and practiced worldwide.

Who are some founders of Buddhism?

The founder of Buddhism was the Buddha.

What country is Buddhism most worshiped?

Buddhism are most worshiped in Nepal, Tibet, Burma, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand....

How is Buddha worshiped?

Through temples and rituals.

The founder of Buddhism is?

Gautam buddha/ Siddhartha/ Mahatma Buddha.

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