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Malta is a Member State of the European Union (EU) ; which is strategically located within the Mediterranean Sea.

This strategic position has consistently allowed Malta to eclectically develop as an important International Trading Post. The Malta Freeport is one of the Mediterranean's leading Sea Ports for Container Shipments.

The distance between Malta and the nearest point in Sicily (Italy) is 93km.

The distance from Malta to the nearest point on the North African Mainland (Tunisia) is 288km.

Gibraltar is 1826km to Malta's West and Alexandria is 1510km to it's East.

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Q: Where is Malta?
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Is Malta a republic?

Yes... Malta is officially the Republic of Malta (in Maltese: Repubblika ta' Malta)

What mountains are in Malta?

We have no mountains on Malta.

Where is mellieha Malta?

its in the north of malta

How is the president of Malta chosen?

The president of Malta is chosen by the House of Representatives of Malta.

What did the Knights of Malta improved on Malta?

They fortified Malta to help protect from Turkey.

Does Malta have a king of Malta?

No. Malta was up till 1964 a colony of the British Empire, Malta had a Queen. Is now a Republic.

Where in Europe is Malta?

Malta is situated under the island of Sicily. Malta is a small island.

Does Malta have oil?

Oil discovered in Malta, no. Malta gets oil from other countries.

What is the capital of Malta?

Valletta is the capital of Malta.

Is Malta a country?

Yes Malta is a country.

How long from Heathrow to Malta?

Malta to heathrow

What is the motto of Malta?

Repubblika T'a Malta

Who owns Malta?

Malta is its own country

Malta country is not in Europe?

Malta is In Europe.

What is the Maltese name for Malta?

Malta. ( its the same)

What is Malta capital?

The capital of Malta is Valletta

What is the largest river in Malta?

There are no rivers in Malta

What hemisphere is Malta in?

Malta is in the Northern hemisphere.

Are there poisonous snake in Malta snake in Malta?


What Plate is Malta on?

Malta is in the African plate

What country is the hottest Malta or turkey?


Why is Malta called Malta?

Malta is thought to originate from the Latin word for honey, Melita. Malta is very well known for its honey production.

Was Malta part of another country?

Malta is no part of another country; Malta is an independent republic.

What is the surface area of Malta?

Area of Malta = 316 sq kilometres. Area of Malta = 316 sq kilometres. Area of Malta = 316 sq kilometres. Area of Malta = 316 sq kilometres.

How is Malta?

Malta is an island and it has an inportan history .(The girls are hot.) Malta have many tempils.In the wars the won . If you want more go to Malta and you will have fun.....

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