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The engine coolant sensor is at the rear of the right cylinder head on the 2001.There are several more temp sensors insdie the pass compartment.

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Q: Where is Oldsmobile aurora temperature sensor location?
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95 aurora oidsmobile were is temperature cooling sensor at.?

The 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora cooling system temperature sensor can be found on the front of the engine. The sensor will be above the thermostat housing.

Where is the knock sensor located on a 1996 Oldsmobile aurora?

Where is the Knock Sensor located on a 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora?

How do you change a turbine speed sensor in a 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora?

Where is the speed sensor located on a 1997 Oldsmobile Aurora

Where is the air intake temperature sensor located on a 1999 Oldsmobile Aurora?

On my 1998 Aurora with 4.0L v8, the air intake temperature sensor is located on the air filter housing on the driver's side of engine compartment.

Where is the IAT sensor located on a 2001 Oldsmobile aurora?

I need to locate the IAT sensor on my 2001 Aurora

Where is the temperature control sensor on a 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora?

Its located on the back of right cylinder head too get too.....

Where is the crank sensor located on a 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora 4.0?

The 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora 4.0 liter engine crank sensor is located on the back of the crank. You will need to remove the rear engine cover in order to view the crank sensor.

1987 Oldsmobile cutlass ciera oxygen sensor location?

what is the oxygen sensor location on a 1993 oldsmobile cutlass ciera 3.3l v6

Show the location of camshaft position sensor for 2002 Oldsmobile bravada?

show location of camshaft position sensor for 2002 Oldsmobile bravada.

Where is the Location of the temperature sensor for the Olds Aurora 97?

I was told that is on the engine block but I don't know the exact location. i have 98 4.0. i found the sensor on the lower front of the radiator. face your aurora kneel right in front of car and look on lower area of radiator.

Why is your Oldsmobile aurora hard to start?

cured my hard to start aurora by changing crankshaft position sensor and having sensor re-learned by tech with proper tools

Where is the crank position sensor located on a 1995 Oldsmobile aurora?

Behind oil filter

Where is the Oxygen Sensor for 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora?

your o2 sensors are located before and after your catallytic convertors

Where is the location of the crankshaft sensor on 2001 aurora?

Aurora 3.5 - the sensor is on the front of the engine, on the right side, up behind the starter. You can see it from the bottom looking up, but you have to remove the starter to get it out. The Aurora 3.5 has a single dual sensor. The Aurora 4.0 has two separate sensors.

What would cause your 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora to not run unless your foot is on the Accelerator?

Throttle position sensor

Location of crankshaft position sensor on 3.5 Oldsmobile?

If your 3.5 engine is the same as that in a 2001 Olds Aurora, go to and search on "2001 aurora 3.5 crank sensor". One of the hits will be a diagram of where the crank sensor is located (above the starter motor). Note that for this engine, a "relearn" mjust be done after replacing the sensor. There is a link to the procedure for removing/installing the sensor and for doing the "relearn". Hope this helps

Location of 2003 Cadillac cts coolant temperature sensor please?

location of 2003 cadillac coolant temperature sensor

2003 Chevy Trailblazer coolant temperature sensor location?

location for 2003 chevy trailblazer coolant temperature sensor

Location of oxygen sensor on a 1996 Oldsmobile 88?

They are in the exhaust flow

What is code p0325 for 1997 Oldsmobile aurora?

Trouble code P0325 means:Knock sensor 1 circuit malfunction

Where is the temperature sensor on a 2002 Oldsmobile Aurora?

This depends. Are you referring to the battery temp sensor? if so it is under the rear seat with the battery, small little plastic part that is no longer made. If that is the part, you will need to have your battery relocated to the trunk and the alternator rebuilt to run without the feed from that sensor.

Will an oxygen sensor cause a 1999 Oldsmobile aurora to stall at a stop light?

yes..a bad oxygen sensor can/will make your car stall at idle speed

Why would the tachometer in a 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora ping and stay there at idle after starting the car?

I hear it is the crankshaft position sensor (CPS) on the car, we have an Aurora in the shop now with this problem.

Where is the location of outside temperature sensor on a 1993 Oldsmobile Regency?

On a 91 regency it's located in the center under the hood near the hood latch assembly!! Dave

1995 Oldsmobile aurora speed sensor?

It's located directly above the passenger side trans-axle shaft.