Palestinian Territories

Where is Palestine?

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There are three different definitions of Palestine: a country

(the recognized Palestinian Authority or the unrecognized Arab

dream to replace Israel), a British Mandate (from 1922-1948), or a

region. They are all generally in the same place although specific

borders may differ.

In all three, Palestine is located in the Middle East,

specifically the Southwest Levant.

Palestine for the geographic region between the Mediterranean

Sea and the Jordan River and various adjoining lands. Different

geographic definitions of Palestine have been used over the

millennia, and these definitions themselves are politically

contentious. In recent times, the broadest definition of Palestine

has been that adopted by the British Mandate of Palestine, which

includes present-day Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian territories

of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The narrowest definition used in

contemporary politics embraces only the Palestinian territories of

the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Other English names for this region

include: Canaan, Land of Israel, and Holy Land.

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