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Where is The Honda Prelude 1991 2.0 L 4WS fuel pump relay located?


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Relay-Fuel Pump-Prelude For my 1988 Prelude, the fuel pump relay is located under the dash, driver's side, to the left of the pedal area, on the left wall, about 6"-10" up from the carpet. It is a small, black box, about 3" by 2". It is a main relay for the vehicle which includes the fuel pump relay. It has one bolt, that when loosened, removes through a hole in a metal bracket that is attached to the outside of the box. I think I used an 8 or 10 millimeter socket to remove it. There may be an electrical schematic drawn on the outside of the box. The relay is testable using your battery as a power source for 12V and using 2 jumper wires composed of alligator clips at each end of the 6" - 10" wires (minimum 18 gauge wire). The Haynes manual provides an excellent way to determine which electrical terminal requires one wire hooked to 12 Volt and which terminals should be jumped. When doing the test, the relay will actually make an audible "click" when operating correctly. Often, this relay is subject to electrical heating and then when the car is turned off, it cools. This causes the solder joints to crack. A defective circuit board can be quickly and easily repaired with a soldering iron by quickly reheating the solder joints on the back of the board. This has been a problem with the fuel pump relays which are "defective", but easily repaired. I did mine and the removal, soldering, replacement was less than an hour.


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