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you might have to crop it a little, but it's a pretty good example.


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Q: Where is a map of colonial Massachusetts?
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When was Colonial Society of Massachusetts created?

Colonial Society of Massachusetts was created in 1892.

What types of homes did early settlers live in in colonial Massachusetts?

In colonial Massachusetts they lived in cabins and towns

How did the Connecticut colonial government differ from the Massachusetts colonial government?

how was the government of connecticut different from the one in massachusetts

What was life like in colonial Massachusetts?

Massachusetts was the center of the revolution.

What was the capital of Massachusetts in colonial times?


What is the government of colonial Massachusetts?


When was Colonial Massachusetts first founded?

Colonial Massachusetts, or the Massachusetts Bay Colony, was founded in the 17th century. It was founded on the east coast of North America in New England.

Who settled colonial massachusetts?

the puritans

Colonial charters were granted to?


What was colonial Massachusetts religion?


Politics in colonial Massachusetts?

no slaves

Where was colonial Salem?

Salem Massachusetts

What was colonial Massachusetts religion in the 1700s?

The main religion of colonial Massachusetts in the 1700s were Puritan Separatists. They came to the colony in pursuit of religious freedom.

What wild animals were in colonial Massachusetts?

Animals in colonial Massachusetts were wild turkeys, deer, clams, fish, sea gulls, rabbits, and squirrels.

What nationalities make up colonial Massachusetts?

people who live in massachusetts what the nationalities?

What is the address of the Colonial Hotel in Gardner Massachusetts?

The address for the Colonial Hotel in Gardner, Massachusetts is 625 Betty Spring Road, Gardner, MA. 01440. This Federal style hotel is in the very heart of Massachusetts.

What was the predominant Massachusetts religion?

During Colonial times the primary religion of Massachusetts was Puritan.

Did they have pie in colonial Massachusetts?

No, you idiot, they didn't have pie in Massachusetts! It was the frickin' 18th century!

Who lead colonial Massachusetts?

goerge washington

What is the colonial and territorial days of Massachusetts?


What was the religion in colonial Massachusetts?

Puritans and Separatists

What crops were grown in colonial Massachusetts?


What activities did colonial Massachusetts have?

Fishing and sailing.

What was the predominant religion of colonial Massachusetts?


What were the major cities in colonial Massachusetts?