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It should be behind the crankshaft pulley. You'll need to remove the right front wheel and the weathershields to get to it. If you only need to test the wiring, don't remove the pulley.

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Q: Where is crankshaft sensor on a 1995 Oldsmobile 3800 series II engine?
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Where is the crankshaft position sensor on 97 s10 blazer with 4.3?

On the 97 s series trucks, The crankshaft sensor is located on the lower left "from front of engine" timing cover behind the dampner pulley.

Locate crankshaft sensor BMW 3 series 2003 model petrol manual?

we cannot locate the crankshaft sensor for our 316 BMW petrol manual

How much replace crankshaft sensor?

This depends entirly on the car. The sensor on my Detroit 60 series cost $450

Where is the crank sensor on 3800 series II engine---Specifically a 1996 RS Chevy Camaro?

Right above the crankshaft pully and balancer on the timing cover...

Where is the map sensor on 5.0 engine?

where is the map sensor on 1995 ford van 150 series, 5.0 engine where is the map sensor on 1995 ford van 150 series, 5.0 engine

How Crankshaft sensor can identify the position of Crankshaft?

A Crankshaft sensor is primarily used for speed sensing. It follows the principle of a rotary encoder. Another important function of the Crankshaft sensor is to ensure synchronization of operation between the Crankshaft and Camshaft with the help of Camshaft sensor. The sensing wheel contains a series of equispaced drilled hole or slots. Usually there will be one longer slot or a missing slot which will be used to position the Crankshaft absolutely with respect to the TDC of the first Cylinder. This positioning of the Sensing wheel is compared with the positioning of a similar sensing wheel on the Camshaft to ensure synchronous operation.

Location of water temperature sensor on a 2000 Volvo truck with a Detroit series 60 engine?

On my 2000 International with a Detroit series 60 engine the water temperature sensor is on the back of the engine, passenger side in the cylinder head. Gears

How do you put a 1995 Oldsmobile 98 3800 series 2 in time?

The timing is controlled by the onboard computer and cannot be adjusted without modifeing the computers programming. If you are certain that it is your timing that's the problem put your attention towards a possible stretched timing chain or a faulty crankshaft sensor.

Where is the oil pump 1999 firebird 3800 series 2 engine?

it is built into the timing chain cover driven by the crankshaft

How do you change crankshaft bearings on a 1995 dodge ram 2500 series?

unless you can build a engine you need to take it to a mech. or replace the engine with a rebuilt one.

Why does my Rover k series Engine not start when hot?

engine coolent temperature sensor is giving incorrect readings when warm

Where is the Location of water temperature sensor on 1990 freightliner with series 60 engine?

the sensor for the gauge should be by the thermostat housing,the sensor for the ecm should be on the right rear of engine above exhaust manifold screwed into head

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