Where is flasher on 2003 Expedition?


My hazards were working, but my blinkers would only flash for 1-2 flashes and then stop.

-checked all my bulbs

-checked the fuses 1, 23-27 (per other discussions)

-figured it was the flasher unit

-had a hard time finding it...

Found the flasher for my 2003 ford expedition-

Sitting in the drivers, the flasher unit in on the left side under the panel (if you put your hazards on you will be able to hear it and feel where it is).

I took off the panel under the steering wheel and reached my arm up the the left side. This is where it got tricky- it is under a plastic box. Put your fingers around the sides of the box and push in and the little black box cover should pop right off. I was then able to pull the old flasher off and install the new one:)

-Blinkers worked!!!

-All with 4 kids running around the garage!

Good luck!