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The firing order on a 2.5 Pontiac motor is 1-3-4-2, 1 being in front. The chilton book shows the firing order and the wire placement on the dist cap. #1 is at 10 oclock.

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Why won't my 1986 fiero strart?

my 88 fiero had two valves stuck, one on cyl 2 and one on cyl 3.. if it would start it was on one or two cyl... or he crank senor might be bad

Where is no 1 cyl on dist cap on 1988 29 ranger?

On the 2.8 / 2.9 / 3.0 the number 1 position on the distributor cap is at the back , towards the firewall and towards the passenger side of the motor

How do you find 1 on the d cap if ther firing order is 1-6-5-4-3-2 on 1991 Chevy 4.3L?

rotate the engine to top dead center on the compression stroke on number one cyl. remove the dist. cap the rotor bug will be pointing at the number one on the dist cap. if the cam and crankshaft are timed right. timing on the wires are clockwise on the cap

When was Agnieszka Cyl born?

Agnieszka Cyl was born in 1984.

Want to adjust idle on 98 metro 3 cyl dist cap seems to be firmly attached with no way to turn like normal car Thanks?

Timing and idle are computer controlled and not adjustable

How do i know where to put the firing order on the distributor cap?

After bringing your engine to top dead center, line the distributor up so the rotor faces the number one cylinder. Rotate the dist. so the closest terminal lines up with the rotor. This will be your number one in your firing order. Mark that terminal #1. Tighten the dist. in place. Put your wire from the cap to #1 cyl. Now follow the firing order for the rest of the wires. The dist. rotates clockwise so put the wire on the next terminal on the left and route it to the next number cyl. in the firing order. Do this till all are connected. Here is a link to help.

How do you convert a 4-cylinder tach to a 8 cyl in a 84' fiero?

What is the 1 cylinder on a 1996 dodge ram truck and what is the 1 position on the distributor?

driver frt cyl and dist points to pass frt

Spark plug layout for 1989 Ford Ranger?

4 cyl = firing order 1342, # 1 is front cylinder 6 cyl = firing order 142536, # 1 is passenger front cylinder, dist. rotation clockwise

What is the firing order and plug wire order on a 1989 trans am 350 engine?

the firing order 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2. okay this is the way i set mines. on the dist. the number 1 plug terminal (should be facing the cyl. bore number one) then from there go clockwise in the firing order. another way is to look at the dist rotor when the number 1 cyl. is in top dead center(be careful there are two top dead centers for ever dist. rotation). when you have the right top dead center then go by the dist. rotor to which every dist. plug terminal the dist. rotor points to, that would be number one plug wire then go clockwise in firing order.

What side is 1 cylinder on a 3.3L V6 Nissan?

Right front when looking down from top, with pulley in front. If it has a distributor, which most of these 3.3's do, it will also show #1 cyl on the cap, beside the terminal that the spark plug wires plug into. Easy to trace out where it goes: Right Front cyl. However; If a cheap dist cap was installed, it might not have the wires numbered. It's interesting that most Technical Specs books these days, like AUTODATA books, which cost a lot, DO NOT have this information in them.

Where can you find a wiring diagram for the spark plug wires on a 1999 Honda CR-V?

This will also work for the 2.0L engine as well as it has the same configuration as the 2.2L According to a manual, 4 cyl. firing order is 1-3-4-2. #4 cyl. being closest to distributor. On dist cap #1 is top right position on 2.2L engine, and is the bottom left position on 2.3L.

Where is the starting point of the firing order on the distributor cap for a 1992 Caprice Classic?

The usual spot for #1 cyl on the cap is pointed directly at the #1 cyl on the car itself, anyway it's to the right of the center plug wire connector on the cap, looking directly at it from the front of the car. firing order is 18436572.

What year is model number E4BRHCRM?

1984 twin cyl 4 hp

Where is cyl 1 on d cap for 1973 gm 350 was told 11 o'clock?

If the distributor is in right #1 on the cap should be at 5 o'clock

What and where are the line up marks on the intake and distributor in a 1997 Chevy Tahoe 5.7L?

there are no marks on th dist and intake th easist way is to be sure the engine is on tdc align th rotor button toward no 5 cyl and drop dist in block and wire accordingly

Will a 1984 Camaro tachometer fit in a 1986 Camaro?

Yes, however, the six cyl tach is different from the eight cyl tach. It will work but the RPM display is wrong.

What is the torque for the flywheel nut on mercury 45 hp outboard?

What is the torque for the flywheel nut on mercury 200 h.p. Johngig123's answer; Per the manual I have for Mercury outboards; 4-cyl. models 45, 50, 500 and 650- 65 ft-lb (88Nm) 3-cyl. models 50, 60, 70 650 and 700 - 85 ft-lb (115Nm) 4-cyl. models 75, 80, 800 and 850 - 100 ft-lb (136NM) section of manual data taken from covers; 45hp 4-cyl 1986 & on model 500 4-cyl 1965-79 50hp 4-cyl 1980-1985 50hp 3-cyl 1986-90 60hp 3-cyl 1984-90 model 650 4-cyl 1965-71 model 700 3-cyl 1980-83 75hp 4-cyl 1984-86 model 800 4-cyl 1969-72 model 800 4-cyl 1978-79 80hp 4-cyl 1980-83 model 850 4-cyl 1973-77

What is the firing order for the spark plug wires on a 2001 Ford Focus?

The firing order should be 3241 on the dist. #1 is the cyl closesest to the passenger side and 4 is the drivers side.

What type of oil should be used in a 2005 dodge Dakota?

Check the owners manual or the oil fill cap, should be 5w20. For the 5.7L 8-cyl Engine Yes 5w20 For these 2 from what I find 5w30 3.7L 6-cyl Engine & 4.7L 8-cyl Engine

How do you replace distributor seal on 1991 Previa?

Previa Dist.CapSorry, but you don't. The Toyota Previa has an internalized distributor cap/rotar located under the console on the driver's side. Unless you are a certified Toyota Mechanic, it's basically impossible to change/clean/whatever. Actually... the dist. and cap is under the pass. seat and is mounted on the end of the cyl. head. It is replaceable.XXXXXXXWrong Answer!The Previa's Dist. is under the engine, facing to the rear of the van. The Cap & rotor are replaceable.The dist. is easy to remove if you have enough room to get under the van.Also, the dist. SHAFT oil seal goes out regular on all Previa's. Ck. this1st. as it is the most prevalent oil leak for Previa's.The 2nd most prevalent oil leak for these van's is from the valve cover not reinstalled correctly after removed for any reason. Make sure to use Sealant in the correct spots.See any Haynes repair manuel. (I detest Chiltons repair-no-help manuel.gettocar

How much does it cost to replace the timing belt on a Pontiac fiero 1984?

The 2.5 Iron duke 4 cyl does not have a belt or chain, timing is gear to gear, requiring the gear on the cam to be heated to be removed and installed. the 2.8 v6 is just like any other gm 6 cyl except you might have to drop the engine and cradle to to get to everything, remove all accessories from front of engine, then remove timing cover, you will have to refer to a manual to get the corect timing procedure then reinstall.

What is the firing order for a 1991 Chevy 350 V8?

1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 The firing order listed above as 18436572 is correct and goes clockwise (to the right) on all Chevy v-8 engines. This firing order is also molded into the stock intake manifold towards the front (between the water outlet and the carburator). 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 and if you dont know what cyl is what it goes like this 1,3,5,&7 are on the right side of the eng when facing the rear of vehicle & 246&8 are on the left and if you need to know which prong on dist cap to start on you get #1 cyl @ top dead ctr and then remove dist cap andwhich ever prong the rotor button is on is the starting point and then go clockwise in order.

Where can you get a 1984 Chevy c-10 250 6-cyl vacuum diagram?

childers foundation

Where is ignition control module in 99 Honda accord?

The Ignition Control Module on the 4 cyl models is located under the Distributor cap.