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Where is the Air con Topup Valve Located on a j reg 1.8 V6?

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Does the air con system need to be decompressed to change the TX valve?

Yes, the TX valve is an integral part of the air-con system, and thus is pressurised. TX valves are about $40AU trade, probably $60AU retail. Best to get the receiver drier changed at the same time if you haven't had the air-con serviced in the last 2 years. Leave it to the experts - there's no real cheap way out of this one, you could have other underlying problems too. The air-con experts have the right guages + tools to check out possible leaks. Hope this helps you out. Dave.

Air con on ford fiesta only blows warm air?

more than likely it`s the heater control valve(HCV) that needs replacing

What are the advantage of air-con for computers?

Air-Con? Do you mean Air Conditioning?

What is the function of a relay valve or splitter valve in an air brake system?

Relay valves are used to reduce the lag time when the brakes are applied, and when they are released. They are remote controlled air valves that respond to a con trol signal from the foot valve. They are usually mount ed on a frame rail close to the air chambers that they are to operate.

What is the duration of Con Air?

The duration of Con Air is 1.92 hours.

Is air con off when red light on?

Yes, The Air con shuts off as soon as the the car of air con i shut off. the red light just signals that the air con is ready to use.

What is universal remote control code for air-con?

What is universal remote control code for air-con?

How pronounce concierge?

con-see-air / con-sea-air-j

Is air con on car pressurised?

yes the air con on a car is presurised

When was Con Air released?

Con Air was released on 06/06/1997.

What was the Production Budget for Con Air?

The Production Budget for Con Air was $80,000,000.

What city is Con-G located in?

Con-G is located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada :)

How does one route the serpentine belt on 405 Peugeot with air con?

with or without air con?

How much money did Con Air gross worldwide?

Con Air grossed $224,117,573 worldwide.

How does an air-con work?

a type of special liquid(refridgerant) is condensed in the air-con,which gives out cool air

What did they do for Hygiene in the Medieval Times?

Can You turn on the air con jessica thank you turn on the air con JESSICA!!

How much money did Con Air gross domestically?

Con Air grossed $101,117,573 in the domestic market.

What is the good effect of an air-con?

keeps you cool in the summertime

Where is the heater fuse located on a 1996 Ford Falcon station wagon?

the heater fuse is located inside the actual air-con unit, they put them there to save space

What is air con compressor?

air conditioning compressor

Can you have a blow off valve on a 2006-2007 cobalt supercharged?

no they have an enternal dump valve the only thing u con do is change the valve it self

Where is the idle adjustment screw located on a 1993 Nissan Sentra Classic?

The adjustment srew is not really a srew, it's mor like an adjustment bolt with a handle wheel at the end and is located under the air filter facing the firewall of the engine compartment means back. Now if you want to adjust the idle and your car is equipped with an air-con, you have to adjust first without air-con. After the idle is adjusted to around 850rpm, switch on the air-con. The idle should be the same. If it changes you have to adjust the actuator for the idle-up. This is on the passenger side of the carb. It's vacuum controlled. If the air-con is switched on it should pull back and pull the flap more open in order to increase the idle to handle the higher load of the engine through the compressor. If the actuator is not moving, check the vacuum line and solonoid valve. If the actuator pulls the flap open, but doesn't release after switching the air-con off, so that the idle goes up to 1500 or more, the vacuum lines at the solonoid are most likely switched.

Is there really a learner air field?

No, its fictional from the movie Con Air.

Who played the gay guy in con-air?

Renoly Santiago

Where is coolant temp sensor located on 1996 dodge ram truck?

the sensor on 96 V10 motor is in front on top behind air con