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The DPFE is located on the upper intake manifold. As soon as you open the hood you will see it in front of you. It has two air line hoses and an electrical connection. It is connected to the manifold with two 8mm screws.

It's on the passages side toward the rear. The two rubber hoses go down. One goes to the exhaust manifold and the other to the intake manifold. Its black and about 4in x 1 1/2in and being held up buy a metal bracket. Make sure you change the hose on the intake side(left) because if there is a air leak hot gasses will come up from the exhaust side and melt the DPFE sensor.

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Q: Where is the DPFE sensor on an 99 ranger?
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1996 Ford Ranger have a DPFE SENSOR?

YES - lists a DPFE sensor for all available engines on a 1996 Ford Ranger

Is there an dpfe sensor on your 2000 ranger?


Egr dpfe sensor on the 99 buick century custom?

Ford is the only American car company that uses a DPFE sensor. GM dpfe sensor are built into the EGR.

How do you fix a 1998 Ford Ranger pickup with an error code of 1401?

P1401 is DPFE sensor circuit high, check out this tutorial to replace the sensor on your Ford

Does a 94 Ford Ranger 4.0 have a dpfe sensor?

According to - YES !

Where do you find the egr pressure switch on a 99 ford ranger v-6?

On my 2000 Ranger it was sitting on top, easy to get to. There is a tube that runs from the exhaust manifold to the intake manifold, on that tube is two tubes that run to the EGR(DPFE) pressure sensor(I think that is what you mean). Follow the two tubes to the pressure sensor. Hope this helps!

Where is the speed sensor on a 99 Ranger 2.5 liter 2wd auto trans?

The speed sensor on a 99 Ranger 2.5 liter 2WD with an automatic transmission is in the rear differential. It is included with the ABS sensor in one unit.

Is the ABS and speed sensor the same on the 99 ford ranger 25L?


Where is dpfe sensor on2003 impala 3.4?

I dont believe the Impala 2003 uses a DPFE sensor as part of there Emissions system.

Where is the egr sensor ford 1996 Ford Ranger?

On the 4.0 L - OHV engine , the DPFE sensor is on the drivers side of the engine , mounted below the idle air control valve

How much does the speed sensor cost for a 99 ford ranger?

aha abcdefg

1999 Ford Explorer DPFE sensor location?

Where is the DPFE sensor located in a 1999 Ford Exployer? I had my oil changed yesterday and was told that the hose connected to this sensor is off.

1993 Lincoln town car is DPFE sensor the same as EGR valve position sensor if not where is the DPFE sensor located?

The DPFE sensor is a totally separate sensor. Look for the feed pipe to the EGR valve and follow it towards the exhaust. Somewhere along that line you will see two small pipes leading to hoses, that lead to the sensor.

What does code P1401 mean on a 2002 ford ranger 4x4?

P1401 - Differential Pressure Feedback EGR sensor ( DPFE ) circuit high voltage detected

Where is the DPFE sensor on a 1997 mountaineer?

some 1997 mountaineers didn't come with the dpfe sensor, you will have to look at the egr positioning sensor which is right on top of the egr valve itself . hope that helps

What is a p1401 code on a 2000 Lincoln ls v6?

P1401 is DPFE Sensor Circuit High Faulty Differential Pressure Feedback Electronic (DPFE) sensor. Loose of disconnected wiring to the sensor

Where is the DPFE located on a 2002 ford crown Victoria?

where is the DPFE sensor located on a 2002 ford crown victoria?

Where is dpfe sensor on 2004 Impala 3.4?


What is DPFE sensor?

Dpfe sensor is the delta (differential) pressure feedback egr (exhaust gas recirculation) it monitors the pressure on the egr valve to make sure it is working.

What does a diagnostic code P0401 mean on a Ford Windstar?

P0401 means no flow at the dpfe sensor. Usually a bad sensor. or bad hoses from egr ports to dpfe.

What causes a P1405 Error Code on a 1998 Ford Windstar?

P1405 Ford - DPFE Sensor Circuit Upstream HoseProbably caused by Faulty DPFE sensor (EGR pressure sensor), or a plugged EGR tube

Where is the DPFE sensor on a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer?

The DPFE sensor is located in the center of the vehicle near the firewall. It is easiest to see and replace if you remove the plastic cover on top of the engine.

Does the 89 F150 4.9 have a DPFE sensor? doesn't list a DPFE sensor for the 1989 F150 with a 4.9 L ( 300 cubic inch ) straight 6 engine

Where is the dpfe sensor located on a 1994 Lincoln town car?

the dpfe sensor is at rear of throttle bod.2-4 inches down between throt bod and firewall

Where is the vss on a 99 Ford Explorer?

I have a 99 ranger 4x4 you might be surprised that you dont have a vss ! Instead look on your rear axel . its your abs sensor, or also called, rear speed sensor!