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Where is the EGR valve on a 2002 2.3L Ford Ranger Does the intake manifold have to be removed to replace it?


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2007-08-01 01:43:24
2007-08-01 01:43:24

no its out side of the intake

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Yes, you must install a new intake manifold gasket.

Remove everything on top of the intake (hoses, fuel rails, linkages.) Unbolt the manifold and remove it. Clean the old gasket off and replace it. Reinstall all parts removed to get to the gasket.

Under the intake manifold Between the top intake manifold and the engine block. The top intake manifold must be removed to access the starter.

To remove the intake manifold on the eclipse it is important to firstly remove the air intake, breather hose and the sensor at the top of the manifold. The battery should also be removed to remove the intake manifold on an eclipse.

i dont think they do, the lifters are right under the intake manifold

Under the intake manifold, right in the middle of the valley, on the block. The intake manifold has to be removed.

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if it is a v6 engine it is located underneath the intake manifold and you have to removed the manifold to replace it. if it is a 4 cylinder it is located on the back side of the engine block below the manifold

There are 2 of them. They are sandwiched between the heads and the engine block. In order to replace them the intake manifold and heads must be removed and exhaust manifold disconnected. Always replace both of them on a V6.

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Remove the upper radiator hose, carburetor, intake manifold, and exhaust manifold. There are lots of hoses and wires going to various devices on the intake manifold and around the engine that have to be removed also. Additionally the alternator, water pump, smog pump, etc. need to be removed.

Was an intake manifold gasket for me.

to the right side under the intake manifold

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They (2ea.)are in the intake. The intake manifold will need to be removed to get to them. The wire harness and intake manifold gasket should both be replaced when reassembling.

You will feel a miss at idle and the idle speed may be erratic. Try retorquing the intake manifold bolts, working from the center out in the recommended tightening sequence. If that fails, the intake manifold will have to be removed and the intake gaskets replaced.

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