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First of all, I would have to know what engine you have because they are all in differat places. If you have a 3100 V6 its under the intake. It will not cause overheating of any kind. Let me know if I can help you in any other way. Ray

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โˆ™ 2004-09-12 02:22:19
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Q: Where is the EGR valve on a 95 Pontiac Grand Am?
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Weres the egr valve on a 95 grand Cherokee?

5.2v8 behind distibuter cap 4.0 your blind

How do you remove the egr valve on a 1995 impala ss?

95 Chevy impala egr valve removal

Where is the egr valve located on 95 Isuzu rodeo?

The EGR valve on a 95 Isuzu Rodeo is located on the back top of the engine. It resembles a cylinder.

You placed a 1996 motor in a 1995 grand am What can be done about the differences in the wiring to the EGR valve to make it work?

Remove the upper intake plenum from the old 95 motor and install it on the 96 motor that you installed in the car. Doing this allows you to use the original EGR valve that came with the 95 Grand am. It's not a big job.

What is wrong with a 95 Isuzu PU that will not turn over unless the EGR valve is pushed in?

It needs a new EGR valve.

Where is a 95 Saturn sl1 egr valve?

The Saturn EGR valve is attached to the head, directly above the transmission bell housing.

Does a 95 integra have an egr valve?

no they dont. the older ones did.

Where is the EGR valve on a 95 Dodge Ram 1500 52 liter?

egr valve is located on right side rear of motor next to distributor

Is a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am 4 cylinder engine interchangable with a 1995 Pontiac Grand Am 4 cylinder?

yes the motor will fit in the car chassis but u might have to change all the wiring harness's because i am pretty sure that, that motor is a 24 valve...but if a 16 valve came out of the 95 and ur putting a 16 valve into the 95 u shouldn't have to change the wiring harnesss

How do you change the egr valve on a 95 lincoln town car?

go to the answer is there

What are the prices for a 95 Pontiac Grand Am?

go to

Where is ERG valve on 1995 Camaro 3.4L?

on a '95 camaro the EGR valve should be next to the radiator hose

Why would a 95 Camry stall at stops but once restarted run fine?

Check the EGR valve. It sounds like your EGR valve is staying open. An EGR valve that is open at idle will cause a car to stall. An EGR should be closed at idle and open when you are driving around.

When does the egr valve operate on a 95 Dakota?

Cruising down the highway, off idle.

95 Saturn sl1 egr valve location?

It is just to the right attached to the head.

Where is egr valve located 95 astro van?

directly under throttle body

Where is the egr valve on a 95 z28 camaro?

Mounted on the rear of the intake manifold (difficult to get to!).

Where is the low pressure ac valve on a 95 Pontiac sunfire?

at the accumulator

How much dos a 1995 Pontiac grand am weight?

How much does 95 grand weight

What is it when a 95 Chevy Corsica surges when you accelerate between 30 mph and 40 mph?

the egr valve is sticking open and causing the motor to surge replace the egr valve and the problem will be solved

Where is the EGR Valve on a 95 Ford Explorer?

On the drivers side of the engine , above the exhaust manifold

Where is the fuel pump relay switch on a 95 Pontiac grand am SE?

new fuel pump in my 95 grand am se but still not working

Whats the location or Wheres a diagram of location of EGR valve for 95 V6 Blazer?

the location is in Europe

Why would a 95 ford contour start but not stay running if its not the fuel pump?

It could be your EGR valve.

What is the meaning of diagnostic trouble code 32 for 95 dodge ram?

Egr valve solenoid circuit.