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Where is the ERG valve on a 1987 Jeep Wrangler 4.2 L6?


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2006-04-03 14:16:12
2006-04-03 14:16:12

The EGR is located just below and to the right of carb or under the throttle linkage springs. From the drivers side, lean over fender and the EGR should be visible. It's about 4" in diameter. Try looking near the exhaust manifold, it should be near that. Location is where the exhaust hooks to the engine. It also, can be near the backe of the engine. That is all I can tell you because I am not sure what an L6 stands for. Is it a straight line six? it is a straight six.


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Where is the ERG valve located on a Chevy Vandura 5.7 350 engine?

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Hi acording to the book and autozone there is none only 8cyls have em

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An ERG is a unit of work. An EGR is a valve that usually sits on the manifold and is controlled by a vacuum diaphram.

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The ERG valve on a 1999 Chevy Express van is near the carburetor. It is bolted on the intake manifold.

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Right on top of the valve cover

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