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Where is the Flasher for a 1992 buck regalNeed Specific Direction looked for days cannot Find?

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December 21, 2005 1:32PM

it took me a while to find also, but it is at the back beside the steering wheel column on the right hand side, beside the radio. There is allot of wires, so you will have to take the bottom pannel off to see it, it is in a clamp and is a steel ball, plugged into a chord. BE VERY CAREFUL IF WORKING AROUND AIRBAGS, pull the 15 amp airbag fuse in the fuse panel in the glove comparment and wait 10 minutes before doing anything. gm recommends disconnecting the airbag connector underneath the steering wheel. I'm not sure which flasher you mean, on my 94 buick regal, the turn signal flasher is mounted in a clip to the back (closer to the front) of the steering wheel column underneath the dash You'll need to remove the sound proofing panel the hazards flasher is in the 'inconvenience panel', underneath the right dash. remove the sound proofing panel here, be careful as there is a light screwed into the back of it, and the wires leading to the light aren't long enough to lay the panel flat on the floor. If you lose BOTH hazards and turn signals, it could be a piece of plastic has fallen into the hazard switch from the button that turns it on and off. I bought the replacement plastic button for 12 dollars from the dealer, pulled the broken plastic piece out with needle nose pliers, and SNAPPED (yes, the new hazard switch snaps in) the new switch in. It sounds like you broke it if you do it right 8-(