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Where is the Oxygen Sensor located on a 1997 Mazda 626 LX with an automatic transmission and 4 cylinder engine?


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oxygen sensor is usually in the rear of the exhaust maifold or in the exhaust pipe itself

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Its on the side of the transmission right next to the oxygen sensor on the driver side near the front of the car

the speed senor is on the dirver side of the transmission tail shaft and there are 4 oxygen sensors and thay are on the exhaust by the transmission

The oxygen sensor on a b2500 Mazda is located in the exhaust. It is under the truck about even with the transmission.

There may be a problem with the oxygen censor. There may also be an issue with the linkage in the transmission.

There are several on that vehicle. They are all threaded into the exhaust system at various points.

On the 98 u have two oxygen sensors an upstream and a downstream. The upstream oxygen sensor is located closer to the front of the truck by the transmission. The downstream oxygen sensor is located on down torwards the back of the truck along the side of the frame.

there are 2 oxygen sensors one on the manifold of the engine and one by the catalitic converter....the transmission sensor is by the bolt you pull out of the transmission to check the fluid level you cant miss it....it has wires coming out of it

E size oxygen cylinder contains 622 L of Oxygen.

To open the valve on an oxygen cylinder, you turn the valve.

the oxygen sensor is located in the flow of exhaust and there will be two. the first is at the exit of the exhaust manifold where the head pipe attaches before the converter and the other is just after the cat converter. sorry i dont have a log in. j.r.

Bank 1 should be the side of the engine cylinder #1 is on.

on cylinder 1 side mounted on the manifold

An "E cylinder" is a particular size of oxygen cylinder. 29" tall just under 5" diameter with a capacity of 680 liters of oxygen.

Oxygen no, the cylinder yes if is damaged or heated.

one on each cylinder bank and then before and after the cat converter. there all on the exhaust.

You can find the dipstick for the transmission fluid of an automatic transmission on the passenger side of the engine block (this is where the automatic transmission is mounted). It is way down in there and somewhat difficult to see - a flashlight will be helpful in locating it. You need to be careful when checking it because it is easy to burn your arm on the radiator hose as you reach down in there to grab the dipstick. As for the engine revving, depends if it is an automatic or manual transmission. If it isn't the clutch or the transmission, it could be a faulty throttle position sensor, bad oxygen sensor, bad fast idle thermovalve, or many other things.

It was a explosion of the oxygen cylinder .

They should be on the exhaust manifold visible from under the hood.

You can mount an oxygen cylinder horizontally or vertically. Makes no difference which way it is mounted.

There is only one and it is screwed in to the catalytic converter on the pass side of the engine.

Because fire needs oxygen to burn and there is no oxygen inside the cylinder. It is almost impossible for the gas inside to catch fire.

AS there is no oxygen in space, man will have to use oxygen cylinder and a mask.

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