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I am currently looking for it. Two different auto parts stores couldn't find it on my 2.3 4 cylinder 1989 Mustang. But they both can sell it to me. Lol! I hope to find it before long. If anybody knows that reads this before then, post it here. I have a Chilton Mustang book for it. It tells you where the PCV valve is ... IF YOU HAVE A 5.0!!!! Gee thanks. When you get a new car, make sure they can tell you where all the maintenance parts are. There's no reason to pay somebody to do this easy stuff. But you have to be able to find the pcv valve, the fuel filter, the air filter. Even if you're a millionaire, it's good for the boy to get under a hood sometimes. But you have to be able to find it. I think it's really crappy of Chilton's to sell me a book that doesn't include the location of the 2.3 pcv valve because they say this is where you find the 5.0 pcv tells us they know it doesn't tell us where the 2.3 pcv valve is, and yet they STILL don't tell us where that 2.3 is, even knowing they haven't pointed it out yet. Maybe Chilton books aren't made in America?

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Q: Where is the PCV valve on a 1990 Ford Mustang 2.3L?
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