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Where is the air bag fuse located which one is it in the fuse panal I lost my owners manual?


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Need to know what year and kind of vehicle you have the problem with.

1998 Chevy van


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The fuse for a radio is located in the cars fuse box. The fuse box should have a diagram if not check the owners manual.

You are probly dealing with a couple fuses being blown in your fuse panal. Check your owners manual, I think there is a specific fuse for guages, and another for interior lights. I am willing to bet you have other lights out on your interior you probly havent even noticed. Your fuse panal is located under the dash, on the left of the steering column.

Yes the fuse panal is underneath the dash, to the left of the steering column. As far as what fuse, you might get lucky, and the fuse panal will be inprinted with what each fuse does. If there is no imprinting, your next option would be your owners manual. If you dont have a owners manual, my last suggestion is to pull each fuse, and visiually check each fuse. Thanx... But I fixed it. The fuse box was in the glove box. I took each fuse out and checked each one. The problem is fixed now. Thanx

In the fuse holder , look at you owners manual.

Yes. Check your owners manual on where its located.

I have a 2003 Mercury sable and have the owners manual and cant seem to find where the fuse is located in the fuse panel. I doesnt even list a fuse for the radio in the owners manual and I know it has to have one. I would appreciate any help or suggestions I could get in this matter. Thanks.

Check your owners manual. There is 1 fuse panel under the engine hood and 1 fuse panel located under the drivers side back seat. Your owners manual will explain what each fuse is for.

ABS fuse is located in the engine compartments fuse block, the owners manual ussually lets you know where the fuse is and the amperage.

Check your owners manual. There is 1 fuse box located under the engine hood & 1 located under the drivers side back seat. The owners manual will also explain what each fuse is for.

The diagrams are located in your owners manual.

This is in the owners manual. Get one from MOTORLIT.COM.

To locate your fuse box, check your owners manual. There should also be a diagram for where each fuse is located.

The fuse diagram for your 1995 Nissan Maxima, can be located in your owners manual. If you no longer have your owners manual, you can reach out to Nissan to obtain another copy.

Have you have not looked in your owners manual, its usually in there.

Look in your owners manual as it will tell you.

the fuse diagram is on page 6-12 of your owners manual do not have owners manual

in the fusebox, look in your owners manual for it's location.

Check your owners manual, it will tell you in that.

It is located in the fuse box of the car. It is normally labeled accessory or cig, on the diagram in the owners manual.

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