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Where is the air pump that pumps up the rear of the car located?

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driver's side under the washer fluid reservior. remove the washer fliud jug and it's under it.

2008-07-15 23:05:04
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Q: Where is the air pump that pumps up the rear of the car located?
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Where is the air pump located at on a 1992 for the rear shocks?

it is under the air filter box under the hood

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You have to pumps, the first being a lift pump, and the second an injection pump. if you have an early 6.2l diesel, the lift pump is a mechanical one bolted onto the side of the engine, the injection pump is in the valley pan next to and in front of the air cleaner. If you have a later model 6.2l diesel the lift pump is a electric type located under the drivers side door, located on the frame. The injection pump is located in the valley pan as above.

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Passenger side, right rear quarter, access from underneath. Mounted on a small plate behind rear wheel just forward of rear bumper

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There are a different possibilities. 1. The compressor is not working. If it works, then it pumps max. 90 seconds of air to the airsuspensions. 2. One of the front-airsuspensions or both is leaking air.

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Some trucks in 93 had air pumps, and a whole lot of them did not. You do not have to have a air pump. The engine will still run the same. The 8600 LB. GVW. and heaver trucks did not have a air pump.

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Bleeding injection pumps insures that no air is trapped in the lines. Injection pumps supply fuel at pressure into the cylinders of intermal combustion engines, and if any air is present in these systems, it will inhibit the ability of the pump to deliver the correct amount of fuel. (We know that air can be compressed, and fuel is largely incompressible.) Additionally, air can be trapped at a number of places in a fuel injection system, and this may make it difficult for someone attempting to discover why an engine is running poorly to get to the bottom of things. Bleeding injection pumps insures that the pump will not incorrectly operate because of air in the pump.

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Convbertible tops, as a rule, have hydraulic pumps that are located up near the back of the rear seat. these pumps should have an acess plug for refilling. Bleeding for air may be required. Good Luck.

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the air pump on 2005 trailblazer is located on the frame rail on the drivers side .by the drivers door