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Where is the blower motor in a 1995 Tahoe and is it easily replaced?


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2005-05-12 15:48:34
2005-05-12 15:48:34

it is located under the dash on the passenger side. it is large and round, covered in insulation-backed rubber. it is not super difficult to remove and replace, but it does require some body contortion on your part.


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behind the glove box that is where mine is on a 1996 Tahoe

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Probably the passenger side firewall

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Its located on the passengers side behind the glove box right next to the blower motor......

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blower motor resistor---I'm about to replace mine and have replaced both my sister's Honda crv, and a buddy's Chevy Tahoe they all slowly lost one or more settings (high or low) and then eventually died

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