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The catalytic converter will be underneath the car in the exhaust system directly after the pipe that connects the header (exhaust manifold (connects engine to the rest of the exhaust)) to the Cat (catalytic converter). there will also be a resonator that is closer to the muffler end of the exhaust. The cat has an O2 sensor in it so you'll know if you get the right one.

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Q: Where is the catalytic converter on a 1994 Honda Accord and how do you change it?
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Can you run 1996 Honda accord without catalytic converter?


How do you replace a catalytic converter on a 93 Honda Accord?

This really is a job best performed by a muffler shop.

Cost of catalytic converter for 2001 Honda Accord?

Retail on these are about $880, but the dealer cost is only about $425

Where is the front oxygen sensor located on a 2001 Honda accord?

After the exhaust manifold but before the catalytic converter on the exhaust tube.

Where is the catalytic converter located on a 1998 Honda Accord?


Where is the oxygen sensor on a 2004 Honda accord?

The oxygen sensor on a 2004 Honda Accord is found on the exhaust system. They are placed close to the catalytic converter so the sensors can properly read the exhaust flow.

How many oxygen sensor does 1998 Honda accord v6 ex has?

It has two. One on the intake manifold and the other in the catalytic converter.

What is the life expectancy of a catalytic converter on a 94 Honda Accord?

It should last the life of the car if you maintain the car as you should. Let the engine start running rich and do nothing to repair this condition and it will destroy the converter. But keep the engine tuned up and running as it should and you will never have to replace the converter. NEVER had a problem with my 1996 HONDA ACCORD engine and CATALYTIC CONVERTER needed to be replaced at 220,000 MILES.

Can a 1999 Honda Accord lx run on only 5 out of 6 cylinders?

Yes, it can run but this will destroy the O2 sensor and the catalytic converter.

How much to replace a catalytic converter in a Honda Accord?

Cats cost around $150 for an aftermarket one. Not sure for dealer oem price

Will your check engine light come on if you gut your catalytic converter on your 2001 Honda accord?

Yes, along with lower fuel economy, and it is highly illegal.

Where is the oxygen sensor on the catalytic converter on a 1999 civic ex?

The oxygen sensor on a 1999 Honda Civic is located on top of the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter is under the car.

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