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Inside the bell housing, the transmission has to come out

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2010-01-10 16:43:15
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Q: Where is the clutch slave cylinder on Chevy 2003 cavalier?
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Where is the Clutch slave cylinder on my 2003 cavalier?

its right in the transmission

Where is the bleed valve on a 2.2 ecotec Chevy cavalier?

The clutch bleed valve on a 2.2 liter Chevy Ecotec engine is located on the slave cylinder. To find the slave cylinder remove the battery, as it is mounted underneath the battery tray.

Why is the clutch on a 1994 Chevy Cavalier not working?

Most of the time it is because of a bad slave cylinder that does not hold pressre or is leaking. They use brake fluid and to check them look at the CLUTCH MASTER CYLINDER near the firewall.

How do you change a clutch slave cylinder on a 1988 Chevy S10 Pickup?

You will need to remove the transmission to replace the clutch slave.

Where is the clutch slave cylinder located on Chevy 1996 Z24 cavalier?

It should be very close to the clutch bellhousing itself. Follow the hydraulic line from the clutch master cylinder down. I hope this helps you. it's actually inside the tranny between the motor and tranny good luck .....chevy boy

How do you adjust clutch in 97 Chevy truck?

YOU CAN'T. The clutch is either worn out are the clutch slave cylinder is bad.

How do you adjust the clutch on an 89 Chevy 2500?

You can't, there is no adjustment. Time to replace clutch, slave cylinder or clutch master cylinder. 1 of the 3.

Where is the clutch slave cylinder on 96 Chevy s-10?

Inside the transmission bell housing. The transmission must be removed to gain access to the clutch slave cylinder.

Why is clutch fluid reservoire losing fluid in Chevy 1997 s10?

Either the clutch master cylinder or the clutch slave cylinder or the clutch hydraulic lines are leaking.

How do you connect the hydraulic to the clutch slave cylinder on a 2000 S10 chev pickup 2.2 4 cylinder?

how do you connect the hyraulic master cylinder to the clutch slave cylinder on a 2000 chevy S10 pickup 2.2 4.cylinder

How do you Change a clutch slave cylinder on Cavalier?

The slave cylinder is mounted directly over input shaft on transmission behind clutch. Unfortuantely the transmission must be removed to access it. You will see it bolted to tranny once you get it out.

If your 1991 Chevy Cavalier wheels move even with the clutch all the way in and it is very hard to shift especially when it is warm could it be a bad slave cylinder or is it a bad clutch?

without more info it sounds like the cluch may be worn. you might look for an adjuster for the cluch at the slave cylinder.

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