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Where is the coil on a 1993 Dodge Colt 1.5 and how does a person fix it?

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I believe it is located under the distributor cap. At least that's where it is located on a 1991 Dodge colt 1.5 litre.

2011-09-13 10:37:22
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Where the ignition coil is located at on a 1993 dodge colt 1.8 liter Im trying to install a tach?

in side dist under pickup coil

Where is the coil wires on a 94 dodge colt 1.5liter?

There is none. The coil is inside the distributor.

How do you find a tach wire in a 1994 Dodge Colt?

You will have to find the coil first.

How do you hook a rpm gauge to a 93 Dodge colt 1.5 with an electronic coil?

this question should be listed under dodge automobiles

What would cause a 1993 dodge b250 to die when it gets warm?

The coil is bad.

Why would the gas gauge on a 1993 dodge caravan stop working and how would you fix it?

it could be the coil pack it could be the coil pack

Does a 1993 Dodge D150 two wheel drive truck have struts or coil springs?

Coil springs in the front, leaf springs in the rear.

Where is coil located on 1989 dodge dynasty?

Where is coil located on a 1989 dodge dynasty at

Where can i get a Ignition coil wiring diagram for 1987 dodge ram 50?

It is important to have wiring diagrams on hand. A person can get an ignition coil wiring diagram for a 1987 Dodge Ram 50 in the maintenance manual.

A 92 Dodge colt started ran died now it wont start and i have no spark why do i have no spark?

If you are getting power to your coil and you still have no spark at the spark plug, you have a bad coil. Beyond that you will have to chase the electrical system. could be a fusible link.

I have a 1991 dodge colt 100 I have no spark and no fuel. does anyone know what would kill both of these there is no kill switch for an alarm?

changr pick-up coil in distributor

What causes no power to coil pack in 98 dodge stratus?

What causes no power to coil pack in 1998 dodge stratus ?

What is coil pack firing order for 1993 Lumina?

What is coil pack firing order for 1993 Lumina?"

If you have no spark on a 1990 Dodge Colt but put in a new coil what else could be preventing the spark?

it can be the rotor or the distributor cap and it could also be a bad electrical conection.(your "feed" wire).

How do you take out a broken bolt out of a 1993 dodge caravan water pump?

You will need to drill the broken bolt out and install a heli-coil thread repair.

How can you change the front coil springs 1992 dodge Dakota?

1992 dodge dakotas do not have front coil springs, they have torsion bars instead.

How do you find the number five coil on a Dodge Magnum 2006 2.7 liter?

how to find a number 5 coil on a 2006 dodge magnum

What causes a 1993 Dodge Stealth to Misfire on two cylinders?

bad coil pack on cylinders, find or pull ignition wires and you can tell by no loss of power.

Why does my 1993 dodge caravan die out when hot It will turn right back on but continues to die already replace the coil ecm and alternator?

because it's old

Where is the coolant temp sensor located on the 1993 Dodge Dynasty 3.3 V6?

Two wire sensor under the ignition coil, next to the thermostat housing.

Is their a coil in a 98 dodge avenger?


Does the Nissan zx 300 1993 have a distributor or coil pack?

Coil Pack

Why is the ignition coil on your 1992 Dodge Dakota not firing?

On my Dodge it was the connection pluging into the coil some times I have to wiggle the plugin from the bottom seems to work everytime.

Why wont your 1988 dodge ram 318 not starting but has fire to coil but not to the distributor?

If you have spark a the coil but not the distributor, then the coil wire has failed.

Does 2002 Dodge truck with 360 motor coil pack if so where located?

The coil on a Dodge 360 V8 is located on the front pass side, on the same bracket as the belt tensioner.The coil on a Dodge 360 V8 is located on the front pass side, on the same bracket as the belt tensioner.