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If you are a psycho-killer in a movie and need to disable the vehicle, just disconnect the ignition wires from the coils.

AnswerIt doesn't have a coil wire. There is 3 coil packs that run directly to the spark plugs. Each coil pack works for 2 cylinders.
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โˆ™ 2011-10-20 17:31:23
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Q: Where is the coil wire on a 1994 Buick Century 6 cylinder?
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Will the coil packs from a 1991 Chevy Lumina fit and work in a 1994 Buick Century?

Hollander interchange says it will

What is the firing order on a 88 Buick century 3.8 coil pack?

What is the firing order on a 1988 Buick Century.

How do you replace the coil on a 1994 Buick Roadmaster?

Ignition CoilEngine LH Side Upper

How do you replace distributor cap for 1993 buick century?

it is distributorless no cap to replace has coil packs

Where is the ignition coil on a 97 buick skylark four cylinder model located?

the ignition coil is located under the top cover that says 2.4 quad

You have no spark in your second cylinder on your 1994 Chevy lumina v6 What can cause this prolbem?

bad coil

Where is the crank sensor at on a 1987 buick century engine?

under the coil pack on the 2.5 back side of the motor Dave

What is the correct placment of distributor wires from the spark plugs to the distributor cap on a 1994 Pontiac firebird 3.4?

there is no distributor on a 1994 firebird v6. It is a DIS and uses coil packs. there will be 3 coil packs and it should be listed on them which cylinder iteach coil goes to.

Why does your 1992 Buick century run for 15 to 20 minutes then shuts off?

I would start with the Pickup Coil and the Crank Sensor.

Location of expansion valve in 1993 Buick Century V6 engine?

Just above cylinder no. 3 between engine and engine firewall. Look in behind the coil pack. Also look for sticker on fender well detailing emission components.

Where is a coil wire in 2003 Chrysler 300M?

The 3.5L has a coil on each cylinder.The 3.5L has a coil on each cylinder.

How do you see if the coil is working on 2002 Chevy?

If theres a miss fire on a cylinder you check engine light will tell you.. Switch the coil from that cylinder to another and siwtch that coil to the cylinder that the computer says is missifing. If the cylinder you put your suspected coil on miss fires then you know its a bum coil.

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