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The air conditioning compressor clutch relay is located on the bottom of the air conditioner compressor. The relay switch will be labeled.

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Q: Where is the compressor clutch relay in 1999 rover 200 20 diesel?
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Where is the relay for the glow plugs on your Rover 400 diesel P reg?

against the bulkhead, next to the ecu

Where do you add clutch fluid on a rover 75 2L diesel?

the master cylinder is on top of the clutch pedal, you will need to remove cover above pedals, and you will see the reservoir cap, its not easy to get to or to take off.

Why is the rover 75 clutch pedal hard to push down?

They're all like that, especially the Diesel. It's not bad when new but gets worse as the clutch wears. If it judders as well it may be contaminated or the dual-mass flywheel may be on the way out (the petrol engine has one - not just the diesel)

Where is the location of the fuel relay switch on a 2004 range rover?

Where is the fuel relay switch located on a 2004 range rover

Were is the abs valve relay for a rover 75?

the relay is in the abs pump

How can you bleed a Rover 400 1998 hydraulic clutch?

The Hydraulic clutch fitted to the rover 400 is a sealed unit and the only thing that you can do is to replace the complete unit

Rover mg zt clutch pedal gone to the floor?

The clutch cable has proabably broken.

How do you fit clutch cable on rover 618please?

its hydraulic not cable

Where do you find relay on 214si rover for wipers?

your thick

How do you adjust a cluch cable on a rover 200?

you can adjust the clutch cable as it is a hydraulic clutch, only option is to change the clutch if it is worn or slipping.

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