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Where is the coolant drain plug on the engine block of a 1988 Honda Accord V-Tec engine?


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I don't think v-tec was avaible in 1988 Well the problem you're going to run into while looking for a drain plug on an 88' vTec engine is..... they did not make a vTec block in 88', they made vtec in 92 or 94 in the f22 and f23a blocks, sohc VTEC. Sorry, maybe you should stick to carbeurators and 2.o non vtec thrills, you couldn't handle the Bseries BEOUCH


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where is the coolant drain plug on the engine block of Honda ACCORD 2.4 2006

Freeze plugs on a 93 Honda Accord are located along the front and sides of the engine block. They are designed to prevent the engine from being cracked in the event the coolant completely freezes.

Screwed onto the engine block.

Remove the oil pan drain plug to drain the oil. Remove the lower radiator hose to drain the coolant.

A block heater for a Honda Accord helps to quickly raise the temperature of the car to the proper heat level. This allows for a quicker engine start-ups.

It is on the rear of the engine block above the drain plug.

It does not have a block heater.

Had the same problem on my 1991 accord. Replace the thermostat, gasket, and radiator cap. Also, get a gallon of coolant if your current coolant has been in there for more than three years. The thermostat is in the engine block. Simply drain coolant, remove the radiator hose from the engine - the hose that goes from the bottom of the radiator into the engine. There may also be a small spount that bolts into the block, remove the bolts and there is the old thermostat.

The crankshaft sensor on a 2 door Honda Accord with a 3L V6 engine is located on the side of the engine, near the oil filter. It screws into the side of the block and outputs the loading of the crankshaft to the vehicle's computer.

The 2002 Tacoma engine block will have two coolant drain plugs on each side of the block. The coolant drain plugs will be near the front and the rear of the engine block.

Its job is to block the flow of coolant to the radiator until the engine has warmed up. When the engine is cold, no coolant flows through the engine. Once the engine reaches its operating temperature (generally about 200 degrees F, 95 degrees C), the thermostat opens. By letting the engine warm up as quickly as possible, the thermostat reduces engine wear, deposits and emissions.

I had to replace my block heater on my 89 Accord and the plug/location for the heater is in behind the distributor. I had to remove the distributor from the engine block and then removed the old block heater. It is an easy do it yourself job but you have to be carefull to reinstall the distributor exactly the same way it came out. .

The engine coolant block on a Jeep Cherokee has two block coolant plugs. There is one on each side, next to the freeze plugs.

Mounted on the engine block. If you crawl under the car and look you will find it.

The Coolant Drain Plug for a 1997 Honda Accord LX 4cyl is at the bottom of the Radiator on the left side, if you were facing the Vechiel. It if stock it looks like a Black Medal Wingnut, unless different Drain Plug was put in by previous Owner. The block drain is an 8mm plug next to the oil filer on a 94 Accord LX 2.2L. 94-97 might be the same. There is a 10mm plug near the oil filter also, but it contains oil... I know. I have tried to remove my coolant block drain plug but without success so far... It is torqued! hw

The thermostat is almost always located on the top of the engine block, usaully in front of the carberator. Unfortionately, sometimes it is located on the bottom the block

It is located in the thermostat housing where the lower radiator hose connects to the engine block.

By overheating, by ice if exposed to cold with not enough antifreze in the coolant. By overpressure if they get flooded and cranked, or if its a turbo engine with a faulty wastegate.

The freeze plugs on a Honda Passport are located along the front of the engine block. They allow for expansion in the event the coolant freezes to prevent cracking.

usually you follow the upper radiator hose to the engine you have to remove that hose and the thermostat is between the hose and engine block....sometimes you have to move the alternator to get there

The coolant drain plug on a Nissan Micra engine block is on the upper part of the block. It is under the intake manifold.

When facing the car, the oil filter is on the back side of the engine block, towards the middle. You'll have to get under your car and look up at the block to get to it.

It uses a spin on canister filter that is screwed to the engine block, passenger side. If you look hard you will find it.

Nope. Drop in the whole motor or better yet save up and buy a 99 accord. Btw neither are fast. I drive a 99 2.3 vtec accord. Smooth engine but not exactly super quick. Hondas are great.

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