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Where is the cp hook up at in a 94 Isuzu truck?

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I have 94 Isuzu pickup with 265,000 miles. There is no cp or ecm plugin to check your trucks brain. Your truck has a OBD-1 system. These types have a self check system. To start you must find the codes that will flash on your (check engine) light. Theres a kick panel on drivers side below, remove it. You will see the ecm box. Below it you will see the Data link connector (White wire) and a ground lead (Black wire) are used to access trouble codes. With ignition on and engine off, connect leads together. The Check Engine light will first flash Code 12 three times, then light will flash any other trouble codes stored in ECM memory. If related fault does not reccur within a certain time frame, the trouble code will be erased from the ECM memory. I hope this gets you started.

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