Where is the defroster in a car?

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the defroster is actually your a/c. it doesn't run much when it's cold outside but it works with your heater to remove the moisture from inside the car. blowing warm dry air on the windshield. just like it removes the moisture (humidity) from inside the car in the summer. the difference is the temp. you have it on. even if the a/c don't work, the heater will still do the job, just not quite as well.

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Q: Where is the defroster in a car?
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Why is Car is purring when defroster is turned on?

It is probably the sound of the defroster fan.

What things are in a car that start with w or on a car?

windshieldwheelwater pumpwindowwindow defroster

What car had the first rear window defroster?

The 1953 Lincoln was the first car that had a rear window defroster. It also was the first car to have an optional 4 way power seat.

How does a car's defroster get rid of ice?

It heats the windshield to melt the ice.

Why does your car air conditioner keep terning on?

If you have the defroster in the on position the ac will do that.

93 ford escort wagon when you turn the defroster on the air blows out the vents instead of on the the top of the dashboard?

Because it's not a defroster button! It's just the symbol for ventilating the air into the car. It shoudln't be called a defroster since defrosting is meant by heating up the coils that you see at the back of the car. I'm pretty no car has wires in the front!

Why does your car run the air-conditioning unit when the defroster is on?

dry air removes moisture better

Ac on peugeot 307 comes on when start car how do you turn off?

If you have the defroster on, the ac comes on automatically.

Why do I smell burning oil when the defroster is on?

If there is an oil leak inside the engine compartment of the vehicle. The defroster could have some of the smell go into the cabin of the car. The engine should be checked for any oil leaks.

Is there a connection between the car heater and rear window defroster?

2 different units and different wiring systems.

Can you sue the private party if the car you bought has a problem with the heater and defroster?

No you cannot sue unless it was sold with a warrenty.

Rear window defroster?

what are the colors of the wires for the rear window defroster coming from the rear window to the defroster bottom ? can any body help me

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