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Location of EGR valve is between the fire wall and the engine, under the intake, toward the rear or transmission end. Look for the rubber hose that runs from the air filter to the intake inlet. Look under the hose down to the right and you will see it attached to the exhaust manifold. The exhaust manifold is under the intake.

If EGR is leaking your car will idle poorly and the exhaust gas inlet tube will be really hot. You can test to see if its stuck shut by placing your finger on the diaphragm and rev the engine over 2k. The diaphragm should lift. If it doesn't lift the valve could be stuck. Remove vacuum line put 15 of vacuum to EGR at idle. Car should idle poorly or stall. If pass then check for vacuum at EGR vacuum line. Place vacuum gage on EGR line, rev fully warmed up engine to over 2k, you should get vacuum! If no pass, then check BPT valve and EGR|Canister solenoid. To check BPT remove EGR vacuum line put line from BPT to mouth, rev engine to 2k, it should suck. If you can blow\suck and it leaks the valve or exhaust line going to the bottom of valve is bad. To check solenoid rev warm engine to over 2k use mechanic's stethoscopes, should hear click. No pass, unplug and put 12v to solenoid, put solenoid vacuum line in mouth, blow\suck? Pass check continuity from solenoid to ECU. Everything working but still get EGR code remove Exhaust Gas Temp sensor. Place in hot water check with ohm meter should be big change between hot\cold temp sensor. ECU checks EGR by opening solenoid which should open EGR valve. When EGR opens hot gases hit temp sensor causing a change in resistance, ECU sees the change and then sets an EGR ok. If ECU opens EGR solenoid but there is no change in the Exhaust Temp sensor ECU sets the MIU light with EGR code.

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Q: Where is the egr valve located on a Nissan sentra 1994 and what are some signs of it going bad or getting stoped up?
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