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Where is the engine block drain for antifreeze on a 1988 Mercury Sable?

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There is no drain on the block, just the drain on the radiator (bottom of rad drivers side, facing the transmission).

ANS 2 The above is perfectly correct, but if you still wish to drain coolant fluid from that block, the easiest way is removing the lower rad hose from engine side.

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It`s not attached to the flywheel. It bolts to the engine block through the bellhousing.

The horn relay for a 1998 Sable is on the back of the distribution block. The block is under the dash on the drivers side.

Antifreeze helps by not allowing the coolant to freeze and possibly crack the water passages of the block.

Under hood, driver side, lower engine area, below center manifold ports, mounted in engine block

In the relay block with the other relays.

If ice forms anywhere in the engine, it can crack the block.

Under the hood, driver's side, lower engine area, below center manifold ports, mounted in engine block .

Antifreeze in the oil of any engine means there is a crack in the head gasket, or worse, in the block.

crack the engine block and oil mixes with water or antifreeze.

Antifreeze, engine oil and engine parts on the ground under the vehicle might be a clue.

Depends on where it is cracked. If it is a small crack, J.B. Weld, found at any hardware store, can be used as a quick and temparary fix. Otherwise it would be better to get a new block altogether.

Antifreeze leak in a 1999 Jeep may be as a result of a defective water pump or a cracked engine block.Antifreeze leak in your 1999 Jeep could be as a result of a radiator fluid leak, a cracked engine block, a defective water pump, or any other reason.

Thermostats determine when antifreeze enters the main cooling system. If the thermostat isn't working correctly, the antifreeze could enter the engine to late, (or not at all) resulting in an over heating engine. Another problem of having antifreeze enter the engine late, is that if your engine is very hot, possibly a little warmer than common, when the antifreeze enters the engine, the cold fluid could cause the engine block to cool down quickly, causing a cracked engine block.

The fuse block should be located to the left of the steering column, under the dash. Depending on which Mercury GS you have (sable, topaz, etc.) it should be a relay located in the fuse block.

It is located down low on the drivers side, front of engine, below the power steering bracket.

Big no no... Antifreeze is the most basic form of keeping your engine cool. Without it, engine temperatures will rise way to high, and you will run the risk of cracking very important engine parts, such as the block. Fill'er up!

You possibly have an internal water leak in the engine, ergo, a cracked block.

If it is a V8 it will be a 4.6L motor, it is niether it is a modular engine and they are not classified in the usual big block, small block engine sizes. It is just it.

Heater hose has a leak, freee plugs expanded in freezing weather because not enough antifreeze , engine block cracked or a blown head gasket.

Engine coolant is what I'm assuming you are talking about. Engine coolant is a mix of water and etholyn glycol (antifreeze). It pulls heat away from your engine block that builds up from the friction of moving parts. The coolant mix allows the coolant to get cold to a point and not freeze because of the etholyn glycol. It is also not good to put straight antifreeze into your engine because antifreeze does not have as much cooling potential as water antifreeze mix. Also if you have just antifreeze in your engine the antifreeze will boil at a much lower temperature than a mix of aproxamalty 50/50.

Follow the top radiator hose back to the engine block. There is usually a housing where the hose connects to the engine block. Thermostats are usually under that houshing, or in some cases, the housing IS the thermostat.

It would trash the engine bearings real quick. Antifreeze in the oil is a for sure engine getter. I just got done rebuilding a 98 350 vortec that had antifreeze in the oil do to the intake gasket leaking and all the engine bearings were trashed.

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