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Where is the flasher unit located in a 1993 Subaru Impreza Sedan?


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2007-04-13 20:31:23
2007-04-13 20:31:23

I just got done changing one today. The flasher unit is a rectangular style. The auto parts store can tell you which one you need. It is mounted in the center console. Remove the face plate from the center console - (4) screws. Remove the radio box, frame and all - (4) screws. It slides out as a unit. The flasher is mounted about 6" deep, high on the left side of the open cavity. If you know your way around a car, this should take 15-20 minutes. Reassemble in reverse order. Note: Make sure the flasher works before you button up the console. I believe the previous answer is due to some misunderstanding... are you talking about some kind of onboard CPU? because the 93 imprezas don't have any kind of computer


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Have solved the problem. Hazard and turn flasher are one and the same unit.

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