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Where is the flasher unit located on a 1995 mercury grand marquis?


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There isn't one. The 1995 Grand Marquis uses a lighting control prossessor. They are very expensive to replace. The part cost me $325.00.


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On the left side of the steering column there is a light black tab that you pull down.

Replace the flasher relay if none of them are working.

there is a fuse panel under the instrument panel on the drivers side pull on both sides to remove it and the flasher is in there it is a large round peice on the top right

Mercury Grand Marquis was created in 1983.

On a 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis : In the fuse panel under the dash : ( # 16 is a 20 amp fuse for the cigarette lighter and emergency flasher relay )

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Flasher functions are part of the lighting module, there is no separate flasher.

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