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Where is the fuel pressure relief schrader valve on a 2001 Explorer Sport Trac?

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The fuel pressure relief valve is cleverly hidden on the passengers side (right side, sitting behind the steering wheel) above the valve cover at the very back. It is on the end of the fuel rail and mine had a blue cap on it. The fuel rail is made of aluminum tubing and runs on both sides of the engine. I was replacing a fuel filter (under the drivers seat by the frame) and intended to bleed my fuel pressure first, but upon pressing the schrader valve, got nothing. The Truck had been sitting for at least 4 hours. Normally, there would have been pressure had the engine been running recently. When I disconnected the fuel filter, there was a small amount of gas present, and with care I was able to plug the ends and change the filter without much leakage. Good luck!

2007-12-16 03:38:11
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