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The fuel pump is located in the fuel tank. If you take the bolts out of the bed on yhe drivers side and loosen the bed bolts on the passangers side. you can take a long breaker bar or a top rail on a chain link fence, anything with about 5 feet and lift up on the bed. I just stuck a block of wood between the frame and the bed to hold it in place. There is a main ring that is threaded that you turn counter clockwise and the whole fuel pump assembly will come right out. just put the new one in the same way you took the old one out. If its your first time, plan on about 2 hrs.

Don't forget to reattach the ground wire that is screwed to the frame on the left side of the bed!

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Q: Where is the fuel pump located in a 91 Chevy Silverado Pickup with a 350 engine?
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