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Where is the fuel pump located on a 1992 or 1993 BMW 525i?



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most BMW fuel pumps are inside the gas tank.! lift out the carpet in the trunk and see if you can find a cover plate that has small nuts holding it on. that's the place. Also a note. the filter is on bottom of the car, behind pass. tire and in front of the gas tank. bolted to the frame. Also the pump relay may be at fault. It is under the front hood on the Pass side, inside a cover held on by screws. the fuel pump relay is Blue or light green. the white one is the "main" one. It has to work to make the fuel pump relay to work when starting the car with the key. To test the pump, Read diagram on fuel pump relay and use jumper wire to close the switch and if pump works you can hear it running in the trunk at that cover plate.