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Where is the fuel pump on a 1999 Chevy Suburban V8 front wheel drive?

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2007-10-08 20:37:08
2007-10-08 20:37:08
Four wheel drive? Be sure to disconnect all the hoses on the tank before dropping it. Scrape all the beeswax off the lip, and pop out the old pump. I just went through this, and 7 parts places gave me 5 different answers. One guy had me convinced it was the computer not sending the signal. I got my $230.00 after talking with a GM tech here in town, who said the computers are about the last thing to go out on these. It can happen, but rare. The cause of all the fuel problems (like mine) was wiring. I found on the pump one melted black wire. After looking at all the rust, and corrosion on my ground connection, I'm surprised the pump ever worked. I wonder why the relay, or fuse didn't pop, melting wires in a gas tank can't be safe from fire?!? If you're wondering how to check the relay: turn the key to the 'on' position then pull the relay from the convience center (under the driver's side hood in a black case close to windshield. It's the black relay.)and you should hear it clicking. If it does click, it's working. Go to the wire harness just outside the fuel tank. Crawl under your truck with a test light to see if you're sending juice to the pump. My truck (97 Suburban K1500 4wd) has three wires and a ground. If you crawl in front of your rear driver side tire, look at the middle of the tank. There is a group of wires bolted to the chassis. On my 97' it is the black and white wire. Poke it with the test light, and have someone turn the ignition switch on and off and crank the engine. If the light shows you have juice, then it's your pump. Their life is about 100K miles. I also learned the pump bearings are lubricated by the fuel, and driving on Empty a lot will shorten the life of the pump. And to clear up any myth about pumps working intermittently before dying: they do; they can; mine did. That's why we thought it was computer related. It would start only after sitting for a few hours--up until it just quit 2 weeks later. Hey John==It is in the gas tank. Check the relay first although the pumps are famous for failure. GoodluckJoe

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