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I think it's under the dummy pedal that you rest your left foot on I think it's under the dummy pedal that you rest your left foot on

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Where is the window relay of a 94 firebird?

You can find the 1994 Pontiac Firebird window relay switch inside of the drivers side door. You will need to remove the drivers side door panel in order to access the window relay switch.

Where do you find the headlight relay in a 94 pontaic firebird?

the headlight relay will be in under hood fuse panel box on the driver side fenderwell

Where is starter relay located at on a Saturn?

AnswerOn the starter i looked and cant find it

Where is the fuel relay on your 320 clk 2000?

help i cant find where the fuel relay is on my 2000 320 clk

Where can you find wiring diagrams and color codes from starter relay to starter motor on 2000 firebird?

Buy a Haynes Repair Manual or a Chilton Repair Manual for a 2000 Firebird. Both have clear schematics for all electrical systems.

Where is the transfer case relay located on 95 Tahoe?

The relay is mounted on the firewall, in the engine compartment. can you tell me where abouts on the firewall couse i cant find it

Where is the horn and horn relay located on a Kia Pride?

relay is located on the left side under the steering wheel. i still looking for horn. cant find it.

What would be the problem if the starter works then doesnt but cant find the bad part?

Follow the Positive cable back til you find a relay the ground for that relay, which is the body of the car, your problem is most likely there if not, get a new starter the selonoid my be starting to go out on it.

Is there a fusible link in the starter of a 1997 Pontiac firebird?

I am trying to find out if there is a fusible link in the starter on a Pontiac firebird 1997

How to find out if a relay is bad?

Swap relay with another like relay.

Where is the headlight relay in a 1983 mark vi lights are flashing and gone crazy?

I dont have an answer. My 1983 mark vi is doing the same thing. I cant find the relay either. Somebody help us out please.

Where is the starter relay for a 1998 Saturn SC2?

Thre starter "relay " is the solenoid on the top of the starter. There is no relay in the fuse block for thwe starter i looked and cant find it there i called a parts store and they said the starter relay is differant than a soleoid The starter relay is under the dash pad just to the right of the instrument cluster. Its a 5pin relay mounted to the dashboard wireing harness

Why do the headlights close and open like crazy when you lock your 1998 Pontiac Firebird with factory alarm?

Did you ever find out the cause of that i have a 1999 Pontiac firebird and mine does the same thing.! Did you ever find out the cause of that i have a 1999 Pontiac firebird and mine does the same thing.!

You found the fuse panel for a 1992 dodge ram charger 150 but you cant find the fuse and relay pannel under the hood do yall know where it is?

there is none

Where can i find the fuse relay layout for a 1990 vw vanagon or any vw vanagon for the matter?

sorry bro l cant trpe it in

Where do i find replacement dashboard top for 1999 firebird?

Cover lay

Where can one find a 1968 Pontiac Firebird?

One can find a 1968 Pontiac Firebird mostly in car stores that sell used cars as these models are no longer being produced by the manufacturer, General Motors.

How do you find your left radiadtor fan relay?

how do I find the left radiator fan relay for an 1992 acura legend

Where will you find the headlight relay in a Renault clio?

The only headlight relay I can find is for the Clio II from 1998 onwards This is in the fascia relay box, relay no8 This controls the low beam with the daylight running lamps.

Looking for a dashboard for a 2000 Pontiac firebird where do I start to find one?

How do you find the relay switch on an Impala?

Answerrelay switch for what? 04 impalafor 2005

Where is the Jack on citroen relay van?

where can I find the jack in my citroen relay van

The horn on your 1991 Pontiac Firebird isn't working you can not find a switch relay or fuse Help?

find all the fuses near the brake pedal. for my car i have to take off one wing nut and then you just pull the plastic down. before doing this turn your 4ways on and try to follow the sound.

Where is the neutral safety switch on a 1991 firebird with a 305 tpi and automatic transmission- I have ripped apart the gear shifter and center console almost all the way and i cant find it?

probably down on the transmission where the cable attaches

Where do i find the colling fan relay on a 1999 cadillic eldorado.?

Where do i find the fan relay on a 1999 Cadillac el Dora do