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there is no relay its a mecanical pump

Some late model 1979 do have fuel injection thus requiring a relay. If you have fuel injection relay is the longer looking relay set under the dash on the passenger side. it should be in the same location as the seat belt relay, wiper intermittent switch and horn relay.

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Q: Where is the fuel pump relay on a 1979 Fiat Spider?
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Where is the fuel pump relay on 1982 fiat spider?

Hi. It can be in various places but I have had 2 cars in and both had the relay under the glove box area. I have repaired many of these cars. What is the problem exactly SM

Where is the fuel pump relay fuse on fiat punto 2004?

under passenger side glove compartment. It is a dual combo relay.

Where is the fiat marea weekend 1.6 16v fuel pump relay?

under the drivers seat

What does fuel pump relay do 1979 VW beetle?

Supplies power to the fuel pump.

How do you adjust a 1978 Fiat Spider Werber carburetor?

there is two mixture screw one for air the otherone for fuel u can ajust the carb from there

Where is the fuel pump relay 1979 Eldorado?

Wrong , 1979 cadillac eldorado has 2 Electric Fuel Pumps and is Fuel injected, One low pressure pump in the Gas Tank and one High pressure Fuel Pump on the Frame rail in front the Driverside Rear Wheel.

Where is the relay for spider injector 95 blazer?

The fuel injection system that resembles a "spider" came out in the 1996 S10 models. The 1995 still had the TFI (Throttle Body Injection) system. If you are looking for the fuel pump relay for the 1995 S10 series, look in the glove compartment, you will see a access door marked "relays". The fuel pump relay would be the first one on the left side.

Where is the fuel pump relay on a fiat bravo 1.2 sx?

the fuel pump is in the back below the seat The relay is in the engine bay, attached to the bulkhead, behing the throttle body. There's probably a black plastic cover with a 10mm nut, hiding it. Fuel relay is the 20a black one. The 30a red one is for the ecu circuit I think.

Where is the location of the fuel pump relay on a fiat punto 1995 55 sx thanks?

Under the rear seats. Remove 3 screws from the metal plate and there it is.

Where is the fuel pump located on fiat brava?

in the fuel tank

Where is fuel injector on Fiat brava?

The fuel injectors in a Fiat Brava areÊlocated in the fuel rail. The fuel rail is located under the vehicle's hood and looks like a pipe.

What are the symptoms of a bad fuel pump relay?

The main relay and the fuel pump relay are the same. Take the fuel pump relay and swap it with the main relay and see if that will help you....

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