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check behind the passenger side kick panel under the glove box

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Q: Where is the fuel shut off switch on a 1996 Ford Aerostar?
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Where can you find the ford 1996 areostar fuel control switch?

On a 1996 Ford Aerostar, the fuel pump inertia switch is located in the right front passenger area. It is below the dash panel, in front of the door, behind the trim panel (according to the owner's manual.)

How do you reset the fuel shutoff switch on your 93 ford aerostar?

ask a technition

Fuel tank capacity 1995 Ford Aerostar?

A ( 1996 ) Ford Aerostar has a ( 21.0 U.S. gallon / 79.5 litre gas tank )

Where is the fuel cutoff switch on a 1992 ford aerostar?

I have a 93 and my switch is behind the passenger side kick panel.

Where is the fuel pump reset switch on a 1993 Ford Aerostar XL?

On the 1989 Aerostar it is under the dash near the passenger door.

Where is the fuel pump inertia switch on a ford aerostar?

I have a 1995 Aerostar and the switch is on the passenger side, inside the door, down below the dash, behind the moulding. Hopes that this helps.

Where is the fuel cut off switch on a 97 Ford Aerostar?

On a 1997 Ford Aerostar : The fuel pump shut off switch ( inertia switch ) is in the front passenger footwell , behind the kick panel * the kick panel is the interior trim panel , just in front of the front door , by the persons feet

Where is the fuel shutoff switch on a 93 Ford Aerostar?

It is located inside the cab behind the trim in front of the passengers door.

Where is the fuel cut off reset switch for a 1996 Cadillac DeVille?

there is no fuel reset as in a ford.

Your fuel pump doesnt run in the cold early mornings but after sitting a while after trying to start it works on your 1990 ford aerostar 3.0 also on your 1989 ford aerostar 3.0 when you fill up It up.?

The fuel cut off switch is bad! Replace it

What is the fuel tank capacity of a 1997 Ford Aerostar?

For a 1997 Ford Aerostar : ( 21.0 U.S. gallons / 79.5 litres )

Where is the fuel safety switch for a 1996 surburban?

Ford is the only one that used a Inertia switch ( safety switch ) You have to remove the fuel pump relay are the fuse.

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