Where is the fuse box for the radio?

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Fuss box for the radio
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Is there a radio fuse for a 97 Caravan other than in the general fuse box?

Answer . No there is not another fuse other then the general fuse box.. i also have a 97 caravan sometimes when i turn the van on the wipers and radio will not work i have to shut it off. other times just the radio will not work i just shut it off and restart it.. so far i think i got the problem ( Full Answer )

Where is the fuse box for a car radio and clock?

Answer . \nwell depending on the make and model...i would start by checking all around the dash board...under it, open both driver and passenger side doors and check the sides of your dash. Sometimes they are in your glovebox( older cars mostly), and if that all fails look under your hood. You c ( Full Answer )

Where is the radio fuse?

Answer . \nNeed more info: MAKE/MODEL/YEAR... Depends on the vehicle. Most common is in the fuse block under the dash above the left foot. Possibly in a panel under the steering column. Glove box. In line fuse close to the radio. In back of the radio itself. Fuse block under the hood.

In a Taurus or Sable - how can you tell which fuse is for the radio without a fuse box cover or a manual?

The radio fuse on the 02-03 model Taurus is a 20 amp under thehood. There is 2 rows of small fuses running from front to back inthe middle of the box. Its the middle fuse on the first row(on thepassenger side of the box). Mine only had 3 fuses on the 1st rowand 4 on the 2nd but that depends on your ( Full Answer )

Where is the radio fuse at?

IF you are asking about a car, you will have to give more details, like what make, year and model, is it?

Where is the Radio fuse located in the fuse box below the dash on a 2006 Chevy Tahoe?

Answer . \nLook it up in your owners manual which should be in the glove box. Go to the back index and look under "fuses".\nOn our 05 the fuse box is visible when you open the drivers side door. It is the little triangle shaped plastic cover on the side of the dashboard next to the door frame, Y ( Full Answer )

Where is the fuse box of the radio of the daewoo matiz located?

Answer . \nThere are two fuse boxes in the matiz one is located in the engine bay to the right corner above the battery. the other one is located behind the dash board trim just above the hood release catch. its a bit hard to reach and is a black cigaratte box sized object. all fuse boxes have f ( Full Answer )

Where is my fuse box located on the 2004 mustang gt and what fuses are for my radio?

Mustang 2004 fuse box location . \nCheck underneath the dash below the steering wheel on the left side. You'll need to climb in to see it. According to the manual, the radio is 32, 15A. \n. \nI'm trying to find the power window fuse as one of my windows will not roll up or down. The manual s ( Full Answer )

What is a radio fuse?

Answer . An electrical device used to protect electronic devices against power fluctuations against power surges by tripping or blowing before those devices can be damaged. They are a very low cost insurance policy built in to equipment to protect it against costly damage.

Where is the 1998 Ford ranger fuse box location for the radio?

In the fuse panel located on the drivers end of the dash ( the removable plastic. fuse panel cover is visible with the drivers door open ). fuse # 29 is a 15 amp fuse for the radio , and. fuse #20 is a 7.5 amp fuse for the radio , RAP module and GEM

Where is the fuse box for the radio on my Grand Prix?

The fuse box is always somewhere near the dash. (On some newer cars, it is under the hood and not inside the vehicle.) Look up under the dash near the ashtray. Open the ashtray and open the glovebox compartment. It's usually a plain, black plastic box probably with a cover. It looks rather innoculou ( Full Answer )

What fuse is for the radio?

The radio fuse is generally 10 amps and in most cases can be found at the back of the radio on the live (red) wire before it plugs into it's power source.

Where is the radio fuse located in the fuse box?

I have a 2003 Mercury sable and have the owners manual and cant seem to find where the fuse is located in the fuse panel. I doesnt even list a fuse for the radio in the owners manual and I know it has to have one. I would appreciate any help or suggestions I could get in this matter. Thanks.

Is the radio fuse is in the fuse box?

the answer to this question is an obvious yes ------------------------ Answers to questions like this are not always obvious. I am not a mechanic, but I am sure there is a fuse in the fuse box that protects the wiring to the radio. But there may also be an inline fuse anywhere from there to whe ( Full Answer )

Where is Fuse Box for Radio in 2001 Honda CRV?

The fuse is located in the fuse panel located under the dash at thelower left edge of the firewall. On UK RHD models the interior fuse panel is behind the coin drawerthat is found on the lower dash below the window switches. You haveto take the coin drawer right out to see the fuses. Applies to MkIC ( Full Answer )