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Where is the fuse box on a 1992 Grand Am?


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2005-08-05 16:48:27
2005-08-05 16:48:27

Hello. I had a 1987 Pontiac Grand Am and the fuse panel was underneath the dashboard. It had a little clip on it that you had to turn and the door would come open and the fuse box was right there. Good Luck! It's really kinda dumb, took me forever to find it, open the drivers door and look on the side of the dashboard.


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the fuse box on a 1992 grand am is located on the driver side dash its not visible when the door is shut its along the side where the door closes.

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On some models there is a secondary fuse box in the same place on the passenger side of the dash.

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show the fuse box or how to get to the fuse box show me a picture

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Still looking for fuse box on 1992 Delta 88....anyone?

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